Thursday, September 20, 2018

Texas: Forest Hill Councilwoman recall tossed out by judge

The recall attempt against Councilwoman Stephanie Boardingham has been tossed out by a district court judge who ruled that the petition did not give specific reason enough reasons for the recall and that the petition was not sent to the city council but to the city itself.-- too late for the May 5 primary ballot, but it could be on for Election Day in November.

The claims include complaints about her vote on matter dealing with her business (a market), spending money on car rentals and hotel rooms. She also filed a lawsuit against the city in 2016 over a flea market that she operated. Petitioners handed in 322 signatures.

The lead petitioner is former Mayor Gerald Joubert, who was elected to the city council. There is also an investigation into whether Joubert actually witnessed the signatures on the petition.

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