Monday, November 6, 2017

Nevada: State Senate Recall gets enough valid signatures

The recall against State Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D) has gotten 15444 valids out of 17502 handed in. Petitioners need 15201. However, the Democrats still have a "decline to sign" campaign gathering signatures for removal -- that has a drop-dead date of November 13 to be handed in. The Democrats will presumably be going through the signatures more carefully -- especially trying to weed out any signers who didn't vote in the election last time. The County just did a random sampling of 5% rather than goes through each one. With a small margin for error, this one is going to go for some rounds before we get to the ballot.

The Democrats also have an odd lawsuit that essentially challenges the entire recall law. Nevada's court has a history of being anti-Recall, so maybe there is a chance of that working, but it would seem to be a longshot based on the rest of the country.

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