Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Maine: Chesterville looking to adopt recall law

The recall law, which would mimic the one in Fayette, has the support of all five selectmen. 317 of the 747 voters on November 8 signed a petition to adopt it.

A somewhat difficult to understand law -- petitioners would first need 10% of turnout in the last gubernatorial election to get the petition going (though there is no time frame for that stage), then they seem to have 20 days to get the petition up to 20% of registered voters. They need turnout to be above 50% of turnout at the last gubernatorial election.

If the selectmen fail to order an election (which happens all the time), a notary public can call one if the 10% of gubernatorial turnout sign a petition. It does not spell out the mechanics for that notary public-called recall.

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