Monday, October 10, 2016

Nevada: North Las Vegas Municipal Judge still on the bench, Supreme Court still not coming down with a decision on recall law

Long after the signatures were handed in against North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey, the Nevada Supreme Court still hasn't ruled on whether judges in Nevada can face recalls and it seems that it very intentional -- and for reasons that are unclear (I'm guessing they don't want judges to have a recalls put against them -- does anyone have another reason?).

Ramsey signed a discipline agreement but she has not sent apology letters nor fulfilled the rest of her agreement.

Particularly noteworthy is this paragraph:
Nevada Supreme Court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer said he hoped last month’s sanctions against Ramsey would squash any initiatives to recall her.
With less than four months left on her term when factoring in the upcoming suspension, Ramsey is “essentially finished,” Sommermeyer said. To recall her now, opponents would have to refile a court order and recollect the necessary signatures to proceed.
“There wouldn’t be anything like that,” Sommermeyer said. “All we did was close the case after we accepted this agreement.”

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