Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wisconsin: John Doe investigation documents leaked, show fundraising efforts, and early attempt to tarnish effort with voter fraud claims

The Guardian has a detailed look at the new documents leaked from the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker's recall effort. While it is an interesting read, anyone who have followed American politics for the last decade or hey, the last century shouldn't be that surprised in how the fundraising efforts went about

However, Rick Hasen at the Election Law Blog notes one specific email, where "a Republican operative" suggests "messaging 'widespread reports of election fraud' so we are positively set up for the recount regardless of the final number."

Longtime readers, if any, of this blog may remember that this early push on election fraud claims definitely happened in a very specific way:

Here is Scott Walker claiming that he needs over 53% of the vote because voter fraud is going to claim 1-2% of the vote.

Here's RNC Chair Reince Priebus backing up the same voter fraud claim.

Here's future state House Speaker Robin Vos claiming that the Republican's loss in a Wisconsin Senate recall race was partly due to fraud.

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