Friday, May 27, 2016

New Mexico: Three Silver School Board members targeted

Silver School Board President Arnold Torres, VP Tony Egan and member Chris Arvidson are all facing petitions over it looks like one the leaders include a former School Board Member and a former education association president. This is probably about the recent buyout of the Superintendent for $60,000 and the Superintendent's decision to push for the firing of several coaches.

Petitioners need signatures totally 33 1/3% of turnout.


  1. The three school board members have consistently made poor decisions for the Silver/Cliff Schools. After the buyout of the former Superintendent, interim Superintendent John Carter who has wide spread support made it clear his service will only be temporary. Silver/Cliff Schools will be searching for a new permanent Superintendent soon. The three board members mentioned have shown themselves not qualified to be a part of the selection process. Thus the recall. Yes, at least two former education association presidents and two former board members are leading the recall effort. Former board members Tom Laws and Billy Billings. Call Billy Billings 575-313-2780 for more information or to participate.

  2. Clarification: There is an effort asking for resignation of the three board members. If the effort fails it is my understanding that the former education association presidents will join in the recall effort. Due diligence will be done in the recall effort or I will not participate. We will proceed on facts not lynch mob hysteria.


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