Friday, February 5, 2016

Texas: Arrest hit Crystal City Mayor, City Council, City Manager who used absurd interpretation to kill recall

Huge follow-up to last year's story about James Jonas III, a former big DC lobbyist who basically took over Crystal City, Texas as City Manager/City Attorney and managed to pay himself almost half the town's property tax receipts. His supporters, the Mayor Ricardo Lopez and Councilmen Rogelio and Roel Mata faced recall efforts last year. Jonas came up with an absurd interpretation of the recall law  to stop the attempt.

Thursday, all four were arrested on bribery charges. A fourth councilman, Marco Rodriguez, is being hit with human smuggling charges.

A judge is suppose to rule next Tuesday on whether the recall can go forward. The recall has to be on the ballot in either May or November (Texas doesn't have special elections for recalls), so the city can be without actual leadership for most of the year.

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