Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oklahoma: Midwest City Mayor facing recall efforts over fights with police/fire departments

Mayor Dee Collins is facing a recall effort, which seems to have the support (if not the leadership) of the firefighters union. Collins served in the police department for 30 years. The unions are also upset with the City Manager for opposing a union request to hire more firefighters and supporting a closure of station (since reversed).

Petitioners need 433 signatures to get on the ballot.

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  1. He needs to go with his condescending, arrogant, and just plain hostile reaction to the citizens. Heaven forbid that a person has a differing opinion than he. He will chop them off at the knees and tell them their three minutes are up. Apparently, he is using a watch that has new math time as I always show these people generally have 30 seconds left of time. He needs to go as well as the city manager, and city attorney. We need new and young ideas in our city.


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