Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Texas: Appellate Court orders Hearne to schedule a recall after months of deadlock

The 10th Court of Appeals has ordered Hearne to hold a recall election against Councilwoman Maxine Vaughn. The Hearne City Council seems to have succeeded in running out the clock on this recall vote. The City Council has repeatedly refused to schedule a recall (it's deadlocked 3-3). Petitioners handed in 400 signatures in July. Vaughn now has only three months left in her term.

It appears the recall is political, with three other councilmembers (and possibly the mayor) being among the prime backers of the recall.

The article from KBTX focuses on the cost of the special election ($4-7K) and that Vaughn has only three months left. The article really should have noted that the vastly more pertinent point that the council was actively thwarting the law (and costing the city more money in appellate costs).

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