Thursday, October 2, 2014

Georgia: Calls to recall Chatam County Commissioner over boycott calls

Chatham County Commissioner Yusuf Shabazz is facing calls for censure after he pushed for boycotts of convenience stores where someone was shot to death by Savannah police after being arrested on outstanding warrants. In the link article, a columnist calls for Shabazz to face a recall. However, Georgia is much more difficult than this article suggests -- as malfeasance state, petitioners would have to show wrongdoing, and a call for boycott is not likely to meet that standard. It is doubtful that the courts will allow this one to go forward. Here's the steps that the columnist notes:

The next step is up to a judge. The Georgia Recall Act lists five grounds for removing a public official (malfeasance, violating the oath of office, misconduct, failure to perform duties as prescribed by law or misappropriating funds or property). The judge would decide whether one of those standards is met and if the recall could go forward.
If so, the chairman would have to convince at least 30 percent of the registered voters in the 5th District to sign a recall petition. In 2012, this district had 13,360 registered voters. Thirty percent means 4,006 signatures. Once that requirement is met, a special election would be scheduled.

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