Sunday, August 17, 2014

California: Four Centinela Valley school board members hit with petitions over superintendent contract issues

Petitions have been taken out against four Centinela Valley school board members, President Hugo Rojas, Gloria Ramos, Martiza Molina and Rocio Pizano, over their approval of a contract, now under criminal investigation, for the fired Superintendent that included a low-interest $910,000 loan and a perceived large compensation package. The article is a good read by the Daily Breeze's Rob Kuzina.

One of the leaders of the effort is a teacher. The district also accepted $800 a month stipends for car allowances and cell phone use -- the monthly salries were $1,040, five times the amount allowed.

Petitioners need about 8700 signatures (15% of registereds). There have been two recall attempts against board members, one in 1998, the other in 2004. Both failed.

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