Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ohio: Pataskala councilwoman facing recall vote

Pataskala Councilwoman Pat Sagar (council’s vice president) is facing an upcoming recall. Petitioners handed in 139 signatures, 113 were valid. They needed 107.

The election needs to take place by August 14.

Petitioners claim Sagar is unresponsive, and oppose her vote "to remove a property in northern Pataskala from the city’s gun-discharge zone..." They claim is that she is not rural friendly.  Sagar has been on the council since 1999.

There also seems to be a gun-rights possible angle, as she voted to remove a property from a firearms-discharge zone.

Ohio has not had many recalls, but apparently the city had one in 2005.

 Pataskala last witnessed a recall in 2005, when a 3rd Ward resident sought to recall then-Councilman Bernard Brush. The attempt was unsuccessful.

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