Tuesday, March 18, 2014

California: Maywood Mayor, City Councilwoman facing petitions;

Mayor Oscar Magaña and Councilwoman Veronica Guardado are facing petitions, though there are complaints that the petitions are illegal.

The complaints include that petitions had only signature lines and no reasons for the recall. Lots of different accusations are being thrown around on the petitioning process. One of the proponents of the recall is a Former Councilman Felipe Aguirre, who lost in November. There is some claim that he is trying to use the recall to get back into office.

The recall proponents claim that Magna and Guardado (and one other councilman) supported an ordinance, but needed 4 votes to pass. The ordinance went down 3-1 with one absent. They have seen brought back the ordinance for a vote, which has helped push forward the recall.

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