Friday, February 15, 2013

Virginia: Loudoun Supervisor facing recall threats

Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R) is facing recall threats backed by local Democrats. Delgaudio is the subject of a special investigation for hostile work environment (based on pushing a city employee to set up meetings for donors). Delgaudio was stripped of his committee assignments.

540 signatures are needed. Virginia does not allow straight recalls -- instead, if enough signatures are gathered, a judge is empowered to decide whether to kick the official out.

Good history here:

In 1997, a similar recall petition drive was launched against then-Sugarland Run District Supervisor Steven D. Whitener (R), who was accused of bullying two female supervisors. Whitener faced board sanctions, including being stripped of his committee assignments, and a recall petition signed by 283 voters in his district. In court, the judge threw out the petition and chastised board members for bickering. The board’s authority to sanction board members for their conduct was upheld in a federal lawsuit filed by Whitener.

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