Saturday, December 1, 2012

India: First recall in Nagar Palika targets the Chairman

India had discussed adopting a recall before, and it seems that the state of Nagar Pailka (or Mangrol Nagar Palika) will be having an election. NP Chairman Ashok Jaim is facing a vote in his district on December 12.

They call this a public referendum to ratify a no-confidence motion. The law is the Rajasthan Municipal Act 2009. According to the article:

"this is the first occasion in the state when such an exercise is being undertaken for which the state election commission has issued a public notification."

Sources said that the councillors blamed Jain, who was elected as an independent candidate in November 2009, for under performing.
When contacted, Jain said that the allegations levelled against him were totally "politically motivated" and he was targeted because of his works in the favour of public.

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