Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arkansas's recall fire: Redfield Mayor to face recall in November, fifth mayor to face a vote this November

Redfield Mayor Tony Lawhon, who took office in January 2011, will face a recall vote in November. Petitioners needed 138 signatures and apparently got it.

No reason for was given, though this is interesting:

One city department head with a lot riding on the recall results is Redfield street superintendent Harmon Carter.  Carter has been one of the people gathering signatures in support of the recall. Carter said he couldn't speak with us without risking losing his job.
This is part of a big blast of recalls in Arkansas. In November, the mayors of Alexander, Bauxite, Kingsland and Cotton Plant are facing recall elections (one against the Bryan Mayor failed). To put this into perspective, I had exactly one blog post on Arkansas before July (for a recall last year that did not get on the ballot).

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