Monday, January 30, 2012

Maine: Public hearing on three board of selectmen recall

The town has a requirement for a public hearing before the recall occurs. Facing a recall on February 14 are Chairman Jim Ramsey, Vice Chair Joe Chambers and Selectman Marcia Elton. According to the recall petitions,t he reasons for recalling these three Selectmen stem from their involvement and acceptance of the sale of the property on 9 Rochester St. for $20,000 to Laurie Chambers, the wife of Joe Chambers, in June 2011. Chalking one up to the not planning for a recall:

In anticipation of the possible recall of up to three selectmen, department heads have been told to prepare for the worse. In an email provided to Foster's, Town Manager Keith Trefethen told town department heads that Maine State Law does not provide guidance or provisions for disbursements warrants to be approved or signed. A disbursement warrant is a payment by the town to outside vendors for various services or payments.

Therefore, the email said, the town should prepare for the worse in case they are faced with the outcome of the recall of three selectmen. Trefethen asked department heads to contact their vendors and them to "carry the town for this short period of time in the event some service need to be provided."

April 3 would be the earliest replacements could be elected in a shorten election process, leaving a possible seven and a half weeks without the ability for the town to approve disbursements.

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