Sunday, November 6, 2011

North Dakota: Grenora school board recall to be held on Tuesday

The story is a little unclear, but Grenora school board member Jim Bratlien is facing a recall on Tuesday.

The charge is “inappropriate conduct by a school board official.” A recall committee member claims  that Bratlien, along with Superintendent Faller, make decisions without much regard for others’ views; Bratlien has been on the school board too long, and she wants somebody new who has children in the school district. The Superintendent Faller claims, according to the article:

"that the recall is the result of dissatisfaction with disciplinary actions she took with some students, which were supported by the school board, chaired by Bratlien. Karen Iverson, the recall committee chairman, David Pittenger, a recall committee member and Robert Fields, Bratlien’s challenger, were some names Faller mentioned as having filed complaints against her in 2009. She said this same group who worked to have Bratlien recalled filed with the state Educational Standards and Practices Board to have her teaching license revoked in 2009, but the ESPB ruled in her favor.
Bratlien said a possible point of contention that led to the recall is a decision regarding the sports co-op Grenora participates in. The school board decided to continue its membership rather than to start its own sports program, a decision that caused controversy."

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