Sunday, November 6, 2011

26 recalls on Tuesday -- A Recall Elections Scorecard

Thanks to laws in some states tying recalls to election day, November 8 is shaping up to be a big, perhaps historic, recall day. According to my count (and this could be updated), there will be 26 separate recalls in 11 jurisdictions in 7 states.

The big news is the two state legislative recalls, including only the third recall of a state legislative leader in the country's history. These two elections may provide an interesting test of recalls and voter turnout. Usually, recalls held on the same day as a regularly scheduled election date should have higher voter turnout than a recall scheduled for a special election. However, these two elections are taking place on an off-year election, which would expect lower turnout. We'll see the results.

26 of these recalls are on the local level, and they are being held for a variety of reasons. Many are related to the economic downturn, but that should not obscure the fact that the recall has been on a steady upswing for at least 30 years. From my vantage point, technological changes have help drive the growth of the recall.

Without further ado, here's a list of the recall elections to be held on Tuesday. Thanks for the idea for this scorecard goes to David Nir at the Daily Kos, who suggested I create a list for readers of this blog.

Senate Majority Leader Russell Pearce
Superior --  Mayor
Salome -- School Board Member

Parlier --  four School Board Members (fight between the former superintendent and the current board -- the only member not facing a recall is supporting the recall of the other four)

Ellicott -- Two School Board Members

House Rep Paul Scott
Genesee Township -- four officials, Supervisor, Clerk, 2 Trustees
Taylor -- Mayoral Recall
Flushing Township -- Treasurer and Trustee

North Dakota:
Genora -- One school board member

Jasper -- Three City Council members
Killen -- Five City Council members, including Mayor Pro-Tem

 Quilcene -- Two Fire Commissioners for falsifying minutes to a meeting

Additionally, on Nov. 8:
Bowdoinham voters will decide whether the city should adopt the recall

Last week saw two Forest Grove, Oregon School Board Members lose their recall elections on November 1, and a Colorado River Indian Tribe (Arizona) Councilwoman survived a recall on Nov. 3.

There are plenty of upcoming recalls in the months ahead. In December, an Oregon City Commissioner, a Josephine, Oregon County Commissioner and a York County, Nebraska County Attorney will face recall votes. In early 2012, the mayor of Valley City, North Dakota, the mayor of Ione, California are going to the voters.

And that's just what's on the ballot. We will also be tracking numerous signatures gathering efforts around the country, most notably (and a little research will show why some of these seemingly obscure local elections are notable):

Fullerton City Council

Saguache County Clerk

Governor, Attorney General, numerous Senators and Representatives

El Paso Mayor and City Council members

Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senate and Assembly members

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