Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Massachusetts: Petitions handed in against Lawrence Mayor

Petitions were handed in against the Mayor of Lawrence. They only have a few hundred more signatures than needed (need 5,232), so this may be knocked out. Some details about the complaints:

After he was inaugurated, Lantigua refused to resign his state representative seat, collecting two government paychecks as a financial crisis engulfed Lawrence. He later resigned as representative, but soon came under federal investigation for allegations of corruption as well as state scrutiny for possible campaign finance violations.
A string of incidents followed, including a public battle with the police over who was responsible for rising crime after Lantigua severely cut the police force; allegations by Lantigua that a driver tried to run him down in front of City Hall - which police said could not be proven; and the revelation that his live-in girlfriend was receiving heating aid for low-income residents even though their household income was much higher than the poverty level.

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