Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recall Review: Hercules, Cali faces recall; NJ, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and more

Wisconsin: GOP leaders encourage spoiler candidates in two Republican races.

Arizona: Pearce petition counting ahead of schedule, may preempt the botched advice problem that could have pushed the vote to March of next year; Tom Tancerdo raising funds for Pearce

California: Hercules City Council facing two recall votes on Tuesday. Cost will be $42,000; Proponents drop Hacienda recall attempt against school board members for instituting a Chinese-government funded culture program. One sentence worth excerpting: "Board members were served with intent to recall notices alleging that they made an agreement with the Chinese government to "extend China's influence in the U.S." and "manipulate students to serve China's government."

New Jersey: Threat to recall Trenton Mayor

Colorado: Recall threat of Colorado Springs school district board member

Texas: Recall proponent looking at hiring a lawyer to force city to put recall on the ballot

Philippines: Recall threats seem to be regular part of life

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