Monday, April 23, 2012

Wisconsin: Short profile on Kleefisch



  1. The link is a puff piece that portrays Lt. Gov. Kleefisch as a separate entity from Gov. Walker, although they were linked on the ballot as a single vote. Her main activity in the year+ since taking office has been to stay in Wisconsin on the frequent occasions when the governor was making the circuit of wealthy Republican benefactors.

    Her likely opponent in the recall election is Mahlon Mitchell. He is the head of the state firefighter's union, and is making his first attempt at public office. Mr. Mitchell was prominently present at nearly all of the rallies at the capital last year. He's personable, articulate, and ambitious. I would pay to see a debate that featured those two.

  2. Fair point on the puff piece, though since I haven't seen many profiles of her (or many other LGs for that matter), I thought it is worth a link. I'm a big believer in splitting the gubernatorial tickets, but if you are keeping them on a same ticket race, your description pretty much sums up every LG in the country.

    The LG recall is going to be interesting, as it is flying so far under the radar, yet also involves the whole state. Also, if he wins, will Mitchell behave much different than a same ticket LG? I imagine so.