Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ohio: Richmond Heights voting for charter amendment that will change the language of recalls

The language change is so that voters will be asked if they want to remove the official from office. The current language asks if they want to retain the official.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Texas: Plano Councilman recall vote cancelled by judge

The recall against Councilman Tom Harrison has been cancelled by a district court judge, who ruled that the city was using an outdated version of the charter to approved the recall. Harrison was .censured by the council after posting a Facebook video calling for the ban of Islam in schools.

Petitioners got 4000 signatures and needed about 2800 under what they were told was the law (30% from the municipal election, which was viewed as the last race for the seat). However, according to a charter submitted to Secretary of State's office in 1961, it is the "last" regular municipal election, which the judge interpreted to be the whole city. The difference was three times greater (27000 people voted in that race). Therefore the signatures didn't meet the new criteria.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Ohio: Huber Heights Councilwoman recall makes the ballot; big problems with scheduling

Petitioners have enough signatures to get the recall of Councilwoman Janell Smith on the ballot, but there is a debate about the notification provision which may mean that the recall cannot be scheduled for Election Day. The issue was information about a city water pressure project.

California: Montebello Mayor steps down to take temporary California Senate seat

Mayor Vanessa Delgado, who is facing a recall along with Councilman Jack Hadjinian, over votes to allow marijuana businesses to open and a $4.2 million city deficit, has agreed to step down to take a State Senate seat. Delgado won the special election for a State Senate seat, though finished out of the money in third place for the general election. There was discussion of her not taking the Senate seat for the short time period in order to keep the mayor's job.

Ohio: Cleveland Councilman recall effort fails

The recall effort against Councilman Basheer Jones failed -- no signatures were handed in. Jones was targeted after less than seven months in office. Petitioners needed 676 signatures to get on the ballot.

California: Two-time recall official tries to run for two seats, will be stopped from running for any

Larry Duncan, who was recalled from the Paradise Town Council in 1991 and the Paradise Irrigation District Board in 2017, is being prevented from running for both offices at once. The issue appears to be filing for two offices at once and missing the deadline to withdraw from just one.

Alaska: Ketchikan School Board President recall gets the signatures

The recall efforts of School Board President Trevor Shaw over complaints about health insurance premiums, teacher contract negotiations and the public meeting atmosphere appears to have met the signature requirement. Petitioners handed in over 700 signatures and need 540. They got 640.

Georgia: Walthourville Mayor and Councilwoman recall fails

The recall effort against Mayor Daisy Pray and Councilwoman Patricia Green over allegations of unethical conduct and misappropriating funds and property failed. Petitioners handed in 150 signatures, but 33 were struck. There were questions about whether the circulators violated the law.A former Police Chief Bernie Quaterman, who was suspended twice and relived of duty by Pray, circulated petitions (he is not a registered voter in the city, which they claim prevents him from circulating the petitions. This may not be accurate according to other laws that I've seen).

Friday, August 10, 2018

Texas: El Paso Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Dee Margo is facing a recall effort over a kitchen sink group of claims (failure to stop tax increases, using personal emails for city business, violating free speech).

Wisconsin: Big Bend Village Board Trustee facing petitions

Trustee Jeff Goodman is facing a recall effort over entering fire and water contract negotiations without the village president or clerk/treasurer present. Petitioners, which includes former trustees, need 165 signatures. They claim to have 207 in hand.

California: Petitions approved against Montebello Mayor, Councilman

Petitions have been approved for the recall effort against Mayor Vanessa Delgado and Councilman Jack Hadjinian. It took four attempts to get the petitions approved. The issue is votes to allow marijuana businesses to open and a $4.2 million city deficit. Petitioners would need about 6000 signatures.

Delgado is in an interesting situation -- she finished in the top two in the special election for a State Senate seat, though finished out of the money in third place for the general election. So she may be elected to the state Senate in November, but may refuse the seat because taking office for the short time period would force her to give up the Mayor job.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Alaska: Petitions handed in against Ketchikan School Board President

Petitions were handed in against School Board President Trevor Shaw over complaints about health insurance premiums, teacher contract negotiations and the public meeting atmosphere. Petitioners handed in over 700 signatures and need 540.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Pennsylvania: Gregory Harvey, leader of effort to recall Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo, dies

Harvey led the effort to collect 141,000 signatures -- they got 211,000. However, the recall effort was tossed out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Texas: Windcrest recall effort leads to dispute over validity of signatures

The recall efforts against Mayor Dan Reese and Council members Frank Archuelta and Joan Pedrotti is now being debated as petitioners claim they have enough signatures, but the city attorney refused to certify stating that a number of citizens denied the signing, which would cause the petitions to fall short. However, there are questions of whether the names can be stricken after signing.

Petitioners handed in between 437-452 signatures. They need 421.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Colorado: Dolores School Board President Resigns; One other member facing October 9 recall vote

School Board President Dee Prock resigned after signatures were handed in. The recall was to be scheduled for October 9. Board member Vangi McCoy will be facing the voters that day. The issue appears to be claims that the school has dropped in rankings.