Friday, November 17, 2017

Michigan: Recall effort against Four Wayne County officials

Mayor Susan Rowe and Councilmembers Chris Sanders, Ryan Gabriel and Anthony Miller are all facing recall efforts. Petitioners need a little under 1200 signatures with the issue claims that Sanders tried to get non-residents to submit critical comments against the City Manager.

New Mexico: Las Vegas Council member facing recall effort

Councilwoman Barbara Perea-Casey is facing a recall effort over claims that she is fighting the mayor too much in meeting. New Mexico is generally a Malfeasance Standard/Judicial Recall state, so it is possible they need a showing of cause (that is probably much higher than the nebulous fighting with the mayor) to be able to get on the ballot.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

California: Editorial opposing recall effort against two Redding Council members

Here -- signatures are due on November 21

Colorado: Petitions taken out against Estes Park Mayor and Trustee

Petitions were taken out against Mayor Todd Jirsa and trustee Cody Walker, though no word on the issue or the amount of signatures needed.

California: Signatures handed in against Oxnard Mayor and 3 council members

68,000 total signatures were handed in against Mayor Tim Flynn and council members Carmen Ramirez, Bert Perello and Oscar Madrigal. Petitioners need about 12,000 per (which equals 48,000) The recall is over a 5% raise in wastewater rates. Petitioner would need about 12,000 signatures to get to the ballot.

Michigan: Jackson Councilman recalled, wins Mayoral race instead

Councilman Derek Dobies was replaced in a recall vote by Colleen Sullivan, the candidate who came the closest to his views in a replacement race. The recall was over Dobies vote in favor of an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Dobies did not run in the recall race, and instead ran for Mayor, which he won, defeating the incumbent.

Nevada: Signatures handed in against Democratic State Senator

Petitioners handed in 16,875 signatures were handed in to start a recall of state Senator Nicole Cannizzaro (D). Petitioners need 14,975 valids. At the same time, Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D), who had signatures handed in last week, is challenging the validity of 5576 signatures over eligibility claims.

Here is my previous discussion on Nevada law and the challenges that might occur.

Oregon: Petitions taken out against three Ashland Parks and Recreation Committee members

Commissioners Michael Gardiner, Jim Lewis and Rick Landt are facing petitions following the firing of the Ashland Senior Center staff and a modification of the senior services.

Washington: Black Diamond Council member files bill to force City to pay for her legal defense of recall effort

Councilmember Pat Pepper proposed a resolution to get the city to pay for her legal expenses in the recall effort. King County Elections canceled the December special election following the Washington Supreme Court ruling tossing out one of the 4 charges. They also required that petitioners handed in a new set of 366 valid signatures.  This is going to go some more rounds.

California: Signatures handed in against newly appointed Rancho Santa Fe School District Board member

Signatures were handed in against board member Jon Yonemitsu, who was recently appointed to fill a vacancy, is facing a recall effort. Petitioners need 65 signatures to get the petitions going. Petitioners claim to have handed in double that amount. The recall is estimated to cost between $50,000-$100,000.

Michigan: Second petitions will be submitted against Kalkaska Village President

The first attempt against village President Jeff Sieting failed due to a misspelling of his name.

Nebraska: Broken Bow School Board member survives recall vote

School Board Member JB Atkins survived a recall vote 537-826. The issue was budget cuts and funding. A separate recall was started against member Carl French, but that was found to have begun too late for the ballot.

Florida: Petitions handed in against three Riviera Beach Councilmembers

Petitioners have handed in over 3,000 signatures each against Council members Terence Davis, Lynne Hubbard and Dawn Pardo over their vote to fire the city manager. The city manager was on the job for six months and was fired without a discussion. They had also fired the previous city manager.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Colorado: Two Custer County Commissioners ousted, one survives

Commissioner Bob Kattnig (54-46%) and Donna Hood (55-45%) were both ousted in a recall vote on Election Day, though Jay Printz (48-52%) survived. Kattnig had previously been targeted last year. The recall was over claims of holding closed door sessions and secret meetings, though other coverage claims that it is over "gross mismanagement" and building codes.

The three were Republicans, though the recall appears to be heavily supported by a conservative group.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Nevada: GOP fails to hand in signatures against Independent state Senator

The recall effort against State Senator Patricia Farley (Independent) has failed, with petitioners turning in 2056 signatures -- they need 7342 to get on the ballot. Among the three recalls against state senators started by the GOP, Farley had by far the least signatures needed. We are still waiting on the signatures to be handed in against State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro (they need 14975).

Georgia: Push to recall Secretary of State

Secretary of State Brian Kemp with a recall effort following the high profile election data breaches and a server wipe. Petitioners would need 778,677 signatures by December 15, and it would also need to overcome Georgia's strict Malfeasance Standard law. A recall would lead to a gubernatorial replacement selection, so the recall backers are claiming that partisanship should not be a driver.

India: Further calls for recall power


Michigan: Kalkaska Village President recall denied due to misspelling

The recall effort of Village President Jeff Sieting was rejected by the Election Commission due to a misspelling of Sieting's name.

Montana: Pondera County Sheriff recall granted temporary injunction


Texas: Odessa Councilwoman recall abandoned

The recall effort against Councilwoman Barbara Graff has been abandoned due to the difficulty in getting 2000 signatures (they claimed to have gotten 800). The issue was the firing of the City Manager. No word on the recalls of the other two councilmembers.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Montana: Pondera County Sheriff sues to stop recall

Sheriff Carl Suta is arguing that the recall doesn't meet Montana law for incompetence, among other reasons (and also that the explanation is 251 words long when it should be only 200).

Ohio: Richmond Heights voters change city law to comport with state recall laws

The vote was with 62.4 % of the vote in favor.

Alaska: Cordova Councilor kicked out

City Councilor Josh Hallquist was kicked out in a special election 217-99 over the issue of claims of defamation of character, threatening business people and using foul and disrespectful language.

Idaho: Star Mayor and City Council member survive recall vote

Mayor Chad Bell (61% in favor) and Councilmember Kevin Nielson (60%) both survived a recall vote over an apartment complex.

Florida: Bradenton Beach Mayor, who lost a recall, then regain position in a card draw, loses reelection race

Mayor William Shearon's incredible mayoral run seems to be at an end. Shearon lost a recall race in May 2015, then ran again in November against his replacement Jack Clarke. They tied, resulting a card draw to decide the winner -- Shearon won. Now he's lost the seat again to John Chappie (who got nearly 60 % of the vote).

Texas: Denton voters refuse bill looking to increase percentage of signatures needed to get on the ballot

With nearly 60% of the vote against, Denton voters shot down an attempt to increase the number of signatures need to get a recall to the ballot from 25% to 35%. Denton recently had a recall against Councilman Joey Hawkins. The recall tightening was the only one of the five ballot initiatives to have failed on Election Day.

Nebraska: Recall effort against Bellevue Councilman abandoned

The effort against Councilman Pat Shannon is being abandoned, with petitioners not getting anywhere near the 6600 signatures needed to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Flint mayor easily survives recall vote

Mayor Karen Weaver grabbed 53 percent of the vote in the 18-person field, outpacing her nearest challenger (Councilman Scott Kincaid, who gave up running for reelection) by almost 3000 votes. Kincaid got about 32% of the vote. The issue was a trash collection contract.

Governing Magazine on why state legislative recalls are rare


Monday, November 6, 2017

Nevada: State Senate Recall gets enough valid signatures

The recall against State Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D) has gotten 15444 valids out of 17502 handed in. Petitioners need 15201. However, the Democrats still have a "decline to sign" campaign gathering signatures for removal -- that has a drop-dead date of November 13 to be handed in. The Democrats will presumably be going through the signatures more carefully -- especially trying to weed out any signers who didn't vote in the election last time. The County just did a random sampling of 5% rather than goes through each one. With a small margin for error, this one is going to go for some rounds before we get to the ballot.

The Democrats also have an odd lawsuit that essentially challenges the entire recall law. Nevada's court has a history of being anti-Recall, so maybe there is a chance of that working, but it would seem to be a longshot based on the rest of the country.

South Carolina: Editorial on the Lieutenant Governor's call for a recall law


California: Petitions filed against Calaveras School Board Trustees

Petitions have been started against President Sherri Reusche and trustee Dennis Dunnigan over questions about educational programs. Petitioners would need 833 signatures for Dunning and 830 for Reusche.

Idaho: Western Elmore County Recreation District recall set for November 7

President Art Nelson and Vice President Judy Mayne will be facing a vote on November 7 over the cancellation of a contract to build a recreation center.

Colorado: Rockvale recall set for January 16

The recall of Mayor Dan Schlaak and Trustees Jaylene Lee, Garth Leonard and Linda Grueschow is set for January 16. A former Trustee, Karyn Miller, who is one of the petition leaders complained about the process for getting the petitions approved, describing it as "pull-your-hair-out-crazy."

Issues include the firing of the Town Clerk, violations of the Sunshine Law and misuse of town funds, specifically about a two-day trucking event called "MudFest."

One trustee, Heather Criner, who failed to document the ticket sales resigned on the October 25 meeting rather than face a recall.

Michigan: Full state Appeals Court to hear Townsend selectmen recall appeal

One justice on the state Appeals Court issued an injunction to prevent the recall of Selectman Cindy King on June 19, which was upheld by one judge on the state's highest court (Supreme Judicial Court). The recall of Selectman Gordon Clark was also enjoined. The full panel of the Appeals Court will now be hearing the case.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Michigan: New Language submitted in Albion mayoral recall

A recall effort against Mayor Garrett Brown has been resubmitted -- the original was rejected. The original petition seemed to be about a negative evaluation for the city manager which ed to her letter of resignation, which was then rescinded. The lead petitioners, Chad Baase, lost in the mayoral race last year.

Alaska: Unalaska Mayor petitions approved

Petitions have been approved against Mayor Frank Kelty over an attempt to sole-source a land-use agreement at the Unalaska Marine Center. Petitioners need 168 signatures in 60 days.

California: Newport Beach Councilman turns in signature-withdrawals

Councilman Scott Peotter has handed in 1783 signature-withdrawal signatures over the past few weeks (withdrawals can be handed in incrementally but must come in before the actual signatures for the recall). Petitioners handed in 10688 signatures -- they need 8445 verifieds. Petitioners have reportedly raised $80,000 and Peotter has raised $40,000.