Saturday, December 3, 2016

Arizona: Superior ex-mayor sued by town clerk

The former town clerk sued the Mayor Frank Valenzuela and the town for firing of her after she reported the felony theft over the mayor's use of a town credit card at a casino. Valenzuela was kicked out in a recall earlier this year.

California: Tulare Healthcare District Board Member facing petitions

Board member Dr. Parmod Kumar, on the board since 1994, is facing petitions. Petitioners need 1049 signatures by January 3. The issue seems to be an $85 million bond to complete an addition to a hospital, which was never built, as well as bringing in a association to serve as administrator of the hospital.

Wisconsin: Senator Schilling wins recount against Kapanke

This was the recall rerun for 2011

California: Greenfield Mayor facing second recall vote in four years

Mayor John Huerta Jr. will be up for a recall vote on January 24, 2017 over his alleged interference for a criminal investigation of the medical marijuana industry. The city council censured Huerta already.

Petitioners needed 1078 signatures and they got 1081.

Huerta barely survived a recall vote in 2012 that took out two city council members.At that time, the issue was over a merger of the police department.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Ohio: East Cleveland recalls get Jeers of the week

Here --- claiming that the recall will cost the city $30,000 less than 10 months before the regular mayoral election. Note that it mentions that Mayor Gary Norton was fined $114,100 for mishandling campaign finance documents.

Massachusetts: Shirley Selectmen try to kill recall effort

Selectmen Kendra Dumont and Robert Prescott have filed a petition to toss out the recall effort over complaints the town clerk allowed more time then the 30 days legal alloted and that the signatures were gathered by people who weren't the actual petitioners. The recall is scheduled for January 30.

The recall is over a vote to give the Town Administrator greater health insurance benefits after a town meeting rejected the idea.

Taiwan: Legislature passes amendment loweringsignatures and turnout requirement for recalls; allowing campaigning during recall effort

Under the old law, a recall needed turnout of half the voters (and half of those had to vote to remove) for it to pass. The turnout requirement has now dipped to 1/4 of the voters. Signature gathering is much easier, it went from 2% of the total electorate to 1 % for the first stage of the recall, and the follow-up petition now needs 10% as opposed to 13%. The time grame has been doubled from 30 to 60 days.

Campaigning is now allowed in recall efforts as well.
The bill follows the 2014 "Appendectomy Project", which was launched by activists with the intention of recalling Kuomintang lawmakers activists claimed were unfit to serve, including Tsai Cheng-yuan, Lin Hung-chih and Wu Yu-Sheng.
Out of the three cases, only the motion to recall Tsai garnered the requisite number of signatures, but it did not attract required voter turnout numbers.
The Taipei City Election Commission fined the team that launched the project NT$600,000 in March of this year on the grounds that they breached the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act by campaigning for Tsai's recall after the motion had received enough signatures.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Colorado: Snowmass Property Owners seek recall of 5 board members

Snowmass' Base Village Metropolitan District board members Matt Foley, Steve Sewell, Letitia Hanke, Jim D’Agostino and Craig Monzio are facing a recall attempt over developer and commercial debt from a stalled project. Petitioners already claim to have signatures from over 40%. Four of the five board members work for companies involved in the debate.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seminole Tribe of Florida looking to have another replacement race after September 28 recall

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is now considering having a second replacement race following the September 28 recall of Chairman James Billie. Marcellus W. Osceola Jr. won the first race on October 31, defeating Billie 319-297, though now there is some question if he meets the residency requirement. Billie was also chairman from 1979-2001 when he was impeached.

Ohio: East Cleveland Mayor allegedly assaulted on Election Day

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr., who is facing his second recall of the year on December 6, has claimed that he was assaulted on Election Day.

Oklahoma: Healdton recall set for February 17


Monday, November 28, 2016

Taiwan: Recall effort started over same-sex marriage issue

Democratic Progressive Party caucus whip Ker Chien-ming is facing an online recall effort which seems to be over his attempt to find a middle ground in the fight over a same-sex marriage law. Ker has also been accused of trying to prevent the lowering of the signature requirements for recalls.

Petitioners would need 6500 signatures (2%) to start the campaign.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Michigan: Flint Mayor recall language debated by Election Board

An effort to recall Mayor Karen Weaver is now before the Genesee County Election Board. The leader of the recall effort is Alex Harris who previously led recall efforts against Mayors Woodrow Stanley (who was recalled) and Don Williamson (who resigned). The recall effort is over her support for a garbage company contract that has been linked to a federal investigation.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wisconsin: Town Chairman and Clerk resign over recall

No idea what this was about yet (there is very little on this), but Long Lake Chairman John Halada and Clerk Cyndy Halada both resigned before facing a recall vote. The replacment vote was on Tuesday.