Sunday, August 31, 2014

California: Sunnyvale Councilman facing recall effort

Sunnyvale Councilman Patrick Meyering is facing a recall that has been signed by four former mayors. He has also been censured by the city council for what other council members are calling "performance art" meetings.He has also been accused of revealing confidential information and refusing to sign the council's code of ethics.

Petitioners need 8200 signatures by September 17 (the recall is estimated to cost $700,000). 

California: Newark Superintendent controversy leads to one resignation, one recall attempt

Two Newark School Board member have received recall notices, with one, Gary Stadler, resigning. The other, Ray Rodriguez, is hanging on and also running for mayor.

The recall started after Superintendent Dave Marken resigned following criticism from Stadler and two other trustees (not including Rodriguez). One of the other trustees is up for reelection in November, the other is not seeking reelection.

Rodriguez noted that he did not oppose Marken, though he apparently voted to reject an offer to rescind the resignation. The board refused to detail that vote until there were accusations of violating the open meeting law. Petitioners need about 3,000 in 120 days.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Utah: Petitions out against Grand County Council Chairman

Grand County Council chairman Lynn Jackson is facing a recall threat over his perceived stifling of public debate, especially in regard to a vote of whether to join the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition. Petitioners need 580 signatures. There has been some discussion on whether the Democratic Party in the county is pushing the recall, which Democratic leaders wholly deny. 

Idaho: Kuna School Board member survives recall

Kuna School Board member Michael Law, who was challenged with a recall over his opposition for a $6.38 million school levy (that was rejected by voters in March and approved in May), survived the recall vote, 165-65. Law won office in May 2013, when only 37 voters voted,

Idaho: Laclede Water District Director loses recall vote 114-10

 Laclede Water District Director Harvey Hallenbeck was kicked out by an overwhelming 114-10 vote, over claims that he fought with colleagues.

The recall is still subject to a lawsuit which claims that petitioners needed signatures from 50 percent of the district.

Ohio: Richmond HEight Mayor recall scheduled for September 23

Richmond Heights Mayor Meisha Wilson Headenis is facing a recall vote on September 23. Petitioners got 1158 signatures, 1050 found valid. They needed 735.   Here's more on the subject. Headenis was narrowly elected in a four person race.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oregon: Gold Hill Medical Marijuana recall fails, with 4 council members surviving vote

Gold Hill Council members Margaret Dials, Lorraine Parks, Doug Reischman and Gus Wolf all easily survived their "medical marijuana" recall, which seems to have seen a huge 44.5% voter turnout. The four voted to allow a medical marijuana dispensary to open up. They appear to have gotten 60% of the vote. 

The article notes that Gold Hill is a veritable recall factory:

Likely a record for the city with a history of recall elections  boasting nearly a dozen since the early 1980s  some 298 of 670 registered voters turned out to weigh in on the matter of recalling four of the city's six elected officials.

Massachusetts: Dighton recall initiative passes house, tied up in Senate

A move to bring the recall to Dighton has passed the House, but stalled in the state Senate over the amount of signatures needed to start the recall petition (Dighton only requires 1 person, others require 10-25, though I've seen everywhere from 5 to 100).

Wisconsin: Multiple voter in recall pleads insanity


Maine: Westbrook looks to add recall law

Westbrook is looking to add a recall law, which will be up for a public hearing on September 8. The recall would be on the ballot in November. There is a debate on how signature limit -- whether it should be 10% of registereds or 25%.

Michigan: Bear Lake Township Treasurer/Trustee facing November recall vote

Petitions have been handed in against Bear Lake Township Treasurer Susan Boss and Trustee Susan Allen, with over 150 signatures being handed in. Petitioners need only 78 valids, which they apparently got. The recall petition went through one failed clarity hearing before being approved.

The issue was a vote to close road ends around Bear Lake.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Montana: Petitioners demand recall in Dillon be put on ballot

Petitioners are now pushing a Montana court to force the recall of three Dillon council members. The recall was tossed out based on the advice of the City Attorney earlier this week.

California: Recalled Russian River Fire Protection District member looks to run in new election

Russian River Fire Protection District former director Linda Payne, who was kicked out of office last year for her vote to dismiss the Fire Chief, is looking to get back on the board in the November elections. However, the article claims that even she doesn't think she has a chance of winning.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Idaho: Laclede Water district recall schedule for Tuesday

Laclede Water District Director Harvey Hallenbeck is facing a Tuesday recall due to his hostility to other critics and board members, though there is still a push to once again stop it in court.

In earlier fighting, the County Clerk certified the signatures of 20% of the registereds. However, Hallenbeck argued that the petitioners needed 50% due to the fact that there was an election in the past six years. However, the County Clerk claims there was no election in 2010, and there seems to be no proof of it.

Maine: Westbrook looking to add recall law

Westbrook city council must vote by September 15 for a recall law initiative to appear on the November ballot, though there is some debate on how stringent to make the provisions. The issue came up after School Committee member Suzanne Joyce did not resign following the overturned suspensions for about 30 student-athletes , including her son, who attended an underage drinking party. Joyce is accused of visiting the Superintendent on the issue.

Petitioners would need 10 percent of registereds to get on the ballot. Councilman Victor Chu is looking to get 25% of turnout in the last gubernatorial election.

Texas: Laredo City Council recall scheduled for November 4

The recall against Laredo City Council member Jorge Vera, who was arrested for drug possession, is going on the ballot on Election Day. Petitioners had more than 130 valids.

Michigan: Berrien County Clerk facing petitions from individual charged with election fraud in Benton Harbor recall

Berrien County Clerk Sharon Tyler is facing petitions brought by Edward Pinkney, the same person who is facing felony election fraud charges for tampering with the signatures on the recall effort against Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower. The reason for the recall is for her actions in battle over the mayoral recall.

ARizona: Glendale Councilman facing petitions over flipped vote in favor of casino

Glendale Councilmember Gary Sherwood is facing petitions over his switched vote in favor or the Tohono O'odham casino. Once filled out, petitioners need 3851 in 120 days.

New Jersey: Vineland mayoral recall fails

The long-running attempt to recall Mayor Ruben Bermudez finally failed, with no petitions handed in. Petitioners needed 9.447 registereds. In June, petitioners won a lawsuit that extended the deadline to gather by 75 days. This lawsuit was over the unconstitutionality of a provision that required signature gatherers to live in the district or jurisdiction where the recall will occur. At that time, petitioners claimed to have 5,119 signatures.

Montana: Dillon Council recalls rejected for failure to meet Malfeasance Standard

The attempt to recall Dillon Councilmembers Derek Gore, David Spehar and Nils “Swede” Troedsson, was rejected by the City Clerk because the recall didn't meet Montana's "malfeasance standard." The petition claimed an open meeting violation when they signed a letter about civil cases involving Dillion outside fo a council meeting, but the City Attorney argued that this was not an intentional act. Petitioners had handed in enough signatures.

Apparently, the city council has been fighting with Mayor Michael Klakken, though no word on who is responsible for the recall.

Interesting ending to the letter from the City Attorney Jed Fitch:
At the end of Fitch’s letter to Scott, he struck a political tone, blaming the feud between the city council and mayor on a lack of candidates running in local elections and voter malaise.
“…This episode serves as a stark reminder that elections have consequences, and that local government requires citizen action and involvement,” he wrote. “No opponents filed for most of the Council seats. No one filed at all for at least one seat. Yet, here we are, within months of the election, looking at a potential recall. More involvement on the front-end would have prevented all of this difficulty on the back-end. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.
“In summary, this is a question of politics. Politics, and certainly local politics, is often not pleasant. Here, it has been downright ugly. But this is still a political matter, to be decided at the ballot box, and not by way of recall.”

Michigan: Five members of Tuscarora Township Board face recall votes on November 4

The five members of the Tuscarora Township Board of Trustees are all facing recalls on November 4 over their support for a sewer project that apparently had a bid price over $1M over the $4.2M estimate. 
 Trustee Jane McGinnis will face Roger Jacobs and Robin Rohn 
Trustee Craig Waldron faces Art Doty 
Treasurer Bobbie Balasovic is challenged by Kim Pearson 
Clerk Sue Fisher contends against Janet Vance 
Supervisor Mike Ridley faces off against Robert Morris

Wisconsin: Cleveland Town Board Supervisor recall now heading for recount

Looks like there's going to be a recount in the Cleveland Town Board Supervisor recall. Joe Egloff survived the effort, beating Gerald Jenks 121-118 margin, though Jenks is now citing irregularities. The recall had a higher turnout than the 2010 gubernatorial election.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texas: Additionally details on the La Marque recall cancellation

Some more details on the cancellation of the recall against La Marque Councilwoman Connie Trube. The City Attorney ruled that he was wrong when he allowed two recall petitions against Trube to be combined (which gave petitioners the 98 signatures needed). The council unanimously rescinded the special election. This one is begging for a lawsuit, though who knows if anyone would put the money up for it.

Here's some detailed on the reasons for the recall:
Trube had been accused of saying that the budget for the city library should be cut because the library is only used by blacks. Trube denied the accusation.

Ohio: Pataskala Councilwoman survives recall vote

Fourth-term Pataskala Councilwoman Pat Sagar survived her recall vote 198-122 (62%). Turnout was very low -- 320 voters out of 2600 came out. The recall seemed to be about an urban/rural divide in the county, and perhaps over gun control.