Saturday, September 16, 2017

Arkansas: Police and Firefighters Unions look to recall Fort Smith Director

Fort Smith Board of Directors member Mike Lorenz is facing a recall threat from the Fraternal Order of Police and the Professional Firefighters over changes to the Civil Service Commission.

Petitioners need 2494 signaturesin 10 days  to get on the ballot.

California: Los Angeles Councilman threatened with recall over "road diets"

Councilman Mike Bonin is facing a recall effort  over the DOT's removal of 9.4 miles of traffic lanes to prevent pedestrian deaths. Bonin announced in July that lanes would be restored and the plan ended in Vistia del Mar.

Petitioners need 27,000 signatures. Since he was just elected, they cannot start gathering until October.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Wisconsin: Eleva-Strum School Board President facing recall effort

President Lois Havenor is facing calls for her resignation and a recall threat over claims that she retaliated against a special-ed teacher who complained about her workload (and was dismissed). Petitioners need over 400 signatures to get to the ballot.

Virginia: Prince William County Supervisors Chairman facing recall effort.

Chairman Corey Stewart (R), who is running in the 2018 GOP primary to face Senator Tim Kaine, is facing a recall effort over his management of a meeting on a mosque project. The early morning vote led to an approval granting the new mosque a permit. For this position, there would be no recall vote. Instead, there would be a recall trial, where a judge would decide whether Stewart's actions meet the standard for a recall.

Petitioners need about 6700 signatures (10% of turnout).

Prince William School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers (D) is also facing a recall effort -- Sawyers is running for Congress.

California: Tulare Regional Medical Center Recall winner suing to get seated by the board

Senovia Gutierrez, who won the July 11 recall to replace Dr. Parmod Kumar, has so far been unable to take her seat on the board. The members claim that they have to recognize her victory. The DA is now suing to have her seated.

Louisiana: Kaplan Police Chief facing petitions

Police Chief Boyd Adams is facing a petition after he was arrested on theft and malfeasance in office charges over a failure to provide receipts for $19000 in police funds, with an alleged nearly $7000 of that being used for personal purposes. Petitioners need 999 signatures to get on the ballot.

Nebraska: Sutherland Board members recall to be set

Petitioners handed in enough signatures to get the recall against village board members Ray Ravenscroft and John Lutz on the ballot. For Ravenscroft they handed in 241, 224 were approved and they needed 199. For Lutz it was 242, 224 and 199.

The village board still has to set a recall date.

Texas: Dallas City Councilman facing recall effort

Newly-elected Councilman Kevin Felder, who won office in an upset runoff, is facing a recall effort over claims that he is not up to the job. Felder has clashed with other councilmembers on some issues, though the recall seems very nascent. Petitioner would need 6454 signatures (15% of registered voters).

Monday, September 11, 2017

Arizona: Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District Board recall fails

The recall attempt against board members Mike Collins and Jim Bailey failed due to "voter apathy" -- petitioners needed at least 892 signatures. The recall was over a claimed effort to consipracy by closing fire stations, purchasing a building and a claim that they didn't make repairs on a fire truck.

Two other board members, Patti Lewis and Vic Riccardi, faced a similar failed recall, though that is about their being indicted for conflict of interest for a payment to Riccardi's automotive repair shop for the district's fire trucks.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Michigan: Fraser Mayor and Councilman file suit to stop council tribunal hearing on sex harassment claims

Mayor Joe Nichols, who is facing a recall effort and Councilman Matt Hemelberg are trying to stop a September 18 tribunal hearing, arguing that the council doesn't have the authority to move forward. Petitioners need 1302 signatures to get Nichols on the ballot. Hemelberg is in his last year and is not eligible for a recall.

British Columbia: Okanagan considers recall law

In a real throwback to the recalls origins in the US progessive era, the move to increase councillor term from three years to four has also led to a resolution for adopting a recall law.

Michigan: Jackson Councilman recall signatures verified, councilman claims he won't defend seat

The recall of councilman Derek Dobies over a twitter post warning people about signing a petitions that was designed to block an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance has made the ballot. Petitioners got 604 signatures, they needed 493. Dobies is not defending the recall so he can focus on his run for mayor.

Massachusetts: Stoughton to be set at September 19 meeting

The recall of Selectmen David Sousa, Robert Cohn and Peter Brown has enough signatures to get on the ballot and will be scheduled at the selectmen's September 19 meeting.

Colorado: Frederick Mayor and Four Trustees survive recall vote

Mayor Tony Carey (831-1144) and trustees Salvatore DeSantis (730-1231), Rocky Figurilli (791-1148), Donna Hudziak (789-1151) and Fred Skates (776-1162). Carey, Hudziak and Skates were targeted over their approval of a four story building and a drive-in restuarant. The recalls against Figurilli and DeSantis were over their opposition to developments.

The election had the most votes ever cast in Frederick's history.

Wisconsin: Examination of failed recall attempt against Milwaukee Mayor

The recall did not come close to the 51,332 needed to get Mayor Tom Barrett on the ballot. Petitioners claimed to have gotten over 10,000 signatures, but of course that's not verified.

California: Signatures verified in Hanford Councilman recall

Petitioners handed in 1062 signatures in the recall against Councilman Francisco Ramirez and 864 were verified. Petitioners needed 853.The issue is a claim that Ramirez raised more than $1,000 when he ran for a council seat, and he therefore needed to file a campaign finance form. He stated that he raised less.

California: Lake Forest Councilman recall makes the ballot

Councilman Andrew Hamilton is facing an upcoming recall over a vote to contract with an animal shelter that allegedly has a high kill rate, as well as a vote to rezone a 45-acre nursery site. Hamilton has faced recall efforts for two years. Petitioners handed in 16225 signatures, with 9155 found valid. They needed 8834.

California: Recall launched against St. Helena Mayor

Mayor Alan Galbraith is facing a recall threat over claims that he has pushed the interest of corporate wine, hotel and housing developers, with a focus on a new 100,000 square foot hotel center and condos. Petitioners need 835 signatures to get on the ballot.

California: Criticism of fundraiser for Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky


Alaska: Unalaska Mayor facing recall threats over City Manager ouster

Mayor Frank Kelty is facing calls to resign or being recalled after the City Manager either resigned r was fired (it is still up for debate) following a controversy with the deputy police chief (the deputy police chief circulated a survey asking the community the impressions of the current city council).

Michigan: Petitions approved against Fraser Mayor

Four recall petitions were approved against Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols, with petitioners needing 1305 signatures to get on the ballot.

Arizona: Signatures turned in against South Tucson Mayor and three councilmembers

112 signatures were turned against Mayor Ildefonso Green and councilmembers Rufino Cantu, Robert Larribas and Carlos Romo. Petitioners need 60 signatures.

Canada: British Columbia Liberal MLA facing recall threat after agreeing to serve as province's Speaker

BC Liberal MLA Darryl Plecas is facing recall threats from his own party after agreeing to serve as Speaker, which allows the New Democrats and Greens to have an effective majority (as the Speaker doesn't vote, and the ND and Greens have a 44-42 majority).

The BC Liberals have looked at this as a betrayal.  British Columbia allows for recalls, but not before 18 months after an election.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Arizona: South Tucson Mayor and three councilmembers targeted in recall by former mayor, who lost seat in 2015 recall

Mayor Ildefonso Green and Councilmembers Rufino Cantu, Robert Larribas and Carlos Romo over complaints including the firing of the police chief, cuts in fire personnel and a possible tax increase.

The report claims that former Mayor Paul Diaz, who lost a 2015 recall to Larribas and tried to recall Green when he was a council member, is backing the recall.

Petitioners need 60 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Flint Councilman choose mayor race in November recall

Councilman Scott Kincaid, who has served for 32 years, has decided to run for mayor in the recall against Karen Weaver in November. Kincaid wanted to run for both the council and the mayor seat at the same time but a judge rejected the idea.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Idaho: Star Mayor and Councilman facing recall effort

Mayor Chad Bell and Councilman Kevin Nielsen are facing over a vote on a large apartment complex. Petitioners needed 681 signatures. They got 693 for Nielsen and 712 for Bell.

California: Corona Mayor and Councilmembers face recall campaign

Mayor Dick Haley and Council members Karen Spiegel and Eugene Montanez have been hit with recall efforts over claims of financial mismanagement, poor land-use and increased taxes. Petitioners need about 10,500 signatures. The city's plan for a railroad grade separation which Corona will receive $84.45 from the state gas tax increase.

Idaho: Signatures handed in against Filer Mayor and three council members

230 signatures were handed in against Mayor Rick Dunn and Councilmembers Ruby Allen, Christina Hatch and Gary Dietrick. Petitioners need 196 valids to get on the ballot.

The issue is the council's firing of the Police Chief following their ignoring a County Sheriff's proposal to provide coverage.

Dunn faced a recall effort in 2014 after an office shot a dog.

New Jersey: Flemington-Raritan School Board President recall fails

The recall effort against school board president Anna Fallon failed

Philippines: Puerto Princesa City Vice Mayor facing recall effort by supporter of mayor

Vice Mayor Luis Marcaida III is facing a recall effort led by supporters of his former ally, Mayor Lucilo Bayron.

Washington: Yakima County Clerk recall continues though court to hear arguments in October.

The recall effort against Clerk Janelle Riddle appears to be continuing. Riddle slowed through recall with an appeal, but a Superior Court judge has since allowed it to moved forward (there will be an appeal heard by the Supreme Court on October 5).

The issue is claims of malfeasance over failing to process protection orders and failing to forward child support orders, which were cited in a state audit. Petitioners need ore than 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Flint mayor drops challenge to recall

Mayor Karen Weaver has dropped her challenged to the recall petitions,

Nebraska: Broken Bow School Board members facing upcoming recall

A recall is set to be held against school board members J.B. Atkins and Carl French over budget issues. Petitioners needed 400 signatures to get on the ballot and they have gotten that number verified.

Washington: Petitions submitted against Black Diamond Councilmember

572 signatures were handed in against Black Diamond Councilmember Patricia Pepper. Petitioners need 370 to get on the ballot. Since this is Washington, a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state, there is a need for a showing of cause. The arguments range from open meeting act violations to a vote to change the Master Development Review team.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

California: Santa Clara County Judge recall given the tentative greenlight

Petitioners have been told that they can start gathering signatures though a final decision will not be issued until tomorrow.

Nevada: Look at Senate recall attempts


California: Artesia Mayor and two councilman recalls approved by city clerk

Petitions have been against Mayor Ali Taj and Councilmen Miguel Canales and Victor Manalo over a claim that a boulevard project is taking to long to complete. Petitioner need 1867 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Algonac Councilman resigns instead of face recall

Councilman Joe Nugent resigned rather than face a recall vote in November.

Idaho: Notus Mayor survives recall vote

Mayor David Porterfield survived a recall vote 48-85. The recall was over the approval of an irrigation system.

Michigan: Judge requires that Flint Councilman cannot run for both reelection and mayoral recall race

Councilman Scott Kincaid now has to pick a job -- he cannot run for reelection and run to compete in the mayoral recall race at the same time. A three page opinion holds that it is incompatible to run for both at once.