Thursday, May 17, 2018

California: Poll shows double-digit support for Santa Clara Judge recall

The recall of Judge Aaron Persky is leading in the polls, with 46% saying they will vote in favor of removal and 33% opposing the recall. The poll was conducted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area News Group. A previous robopoll had the recall leading 56% in favor.

North Carolina: Editorial endorses Fayetteville change to council terms, but calls for adoption of recall as well


Michigan: Petitions approved for Leavitt Township Treasurer recall

Treasurer David Kruppe is facing a petition over a move to dissolve the Walkerville Fire and Rescue. Petitioners need 50 signatures by August 3 to get on the November ballot.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

North Dakota: No contender has filed to run in Richland School Board member

School President Lisa Amundson and members Sarah Myers and Josh Mjoness are facing an August recall over allegations of sexual assault and hazing in the schools. However, no candidate agreed to run against them yet.

Michigan: Macomb Township Trustee recall petitions approved

Petitions against Trustee Dino Bucci were approved by the Election Commission following his indictment, though the recall language is over his vote for a salary increase for a deputy supervisor and failing to attend trustee meetings. Petitioners need about 6900 signatures.

Michigan: Saginaw School Board Trustees deny involvement in recall efforts against other board members

Two school board members, Joyce Seals and Ruth Ann Knapp, have denied they were involved in the recall effort against Mattie Thompson and Kim Hamilton.

California: Long Beach Councilwoman facing recall beening looked at for improper use of public resources

The recall against Councilwoman Jeannie Pearce seems to have gotten enough signatures on the ballot. Petitioners handed in 9462 signatures, they needed 6363 (no word yet on how many were valid. The recall was over an incident with a former chief of staff who she was having an affair with has. Pearce's is also facing claims that an email sent by one of her communications officials may be an improper use of public resources.

Louisiana: Senate passes bill designed to ease recall law

The vote was 31-1. Here's early coverage of the bill

Colorado: Recalled Sedgwick County Sheriff found not guilty of most serious charge

In an update to an old recall, Sedgwick County Sheriff Tom Hanna, who was removed in 2016, was found not guilty of sexual assault charges filed by a developmentally delayed inmate, was found not guilty of the most serious charge against him.

California: Palo Alto Weekly editorial in favor of recall of Santa Clara Judge


Maine: Three Scarborough School Board members kicked out in recall vote

Board members Donna Beeley (3086-1496), Jodi Shea (3047-1535) and Cari Lynford (3040-1550) have been removed after a recall over the resignation of a principal, school start times changes, a proficiency-based education model and transparency issues.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Michigan: Arcadia Township Trustees survive recall vote

Trustees Michael Cederholm (222-102 over Tom Wass) and Greg Wisner (169-154 over Patrick Manke) survived a recall vote over their vote for a forensic audit and a formal reprimand of the township treasurer for a "police report she filed tp investigate payroll irregularities at the township marina."

Michigan: Wayne Councilman ousted in recall vote

Councilman Chris Sanders was kicked out over his vote to move elections to even numbered years and extend their terms as well as a vote against selling a Banquet Center. Sanders was ousted 870-335 and will be replaced by an existing at-large councilman, Jeremiah Webster (no word on who replaces Webster).

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Michigan: Two petitions against Fairbanks and Garden Township Supervisors approved; two rejected

Petitioners against Fairbanks Township Clerk Kathryn Denholm and Garden Township Supervisor Morgan Tatrow were approved, while petitions against Fairbanks Township Supervisor Ronald Collins and Trustee James Dalgord were rejected. The Denholm petition needs 39 signatures and the Tatrow one needs 101. The issue has to do with the construction of right-of-way electric lines.

Michigan: Kalkaska Village President kicked out

President Jeff Sieting was removed due to his anti-Muslim, transgenders and Black Lives Matters social media posts. Seiting lost to Harley J. Wales, 326-215.

California: La Habra Mayor facing petitions over proposal to build houses on golf club

Mayor Tim Shaw is facing a recall effort over a proposal to build homes on a golf course. Petitioners would need somewhere near 4901 signatures.

Michigan: Language against Saginaw school board members rejected by Election Commission

The petitions filed against Board Treasurer Mattie Thompson and Secretary Kim "Tody" Hamilton was rejected for language/clarity issues. The recall is over a vote to rescind an extension for the superintendent. 

Maine: Third Waterville official facing petitions

Councilor Jackie DuPoint (D) is the third official to face a recall effort, following Mayor Nick Isgro (R) and John O'Donnell (D).

The leaders of the recall effort are not DuPont's constituents, but they can take out petitions. DuPont is facing re-election in November, so the impact would be minimal at best. One of the leaders of the recall effort ran a failed race for Mayor in 2011 as a Republican and is a supporter of the Mayor.

Presumably, the recall may have more to do with a strategy of impacting the recall effort against the mayor (there is a claim that DuPont should have stopped people from knocking on doors looking for signatures). Petitioners would need 101 signatures by May 29, though the recall could not be on the June 12 ballot.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Maine: Waterville Mayor recall signatures verified; Possible June 12 election date

Petitioners seem to have met the signatures requirement in the recall against Mayor Nick Isgro (R). Petitioners handed in 1033 signatures, 887 were certified. Isgro is allegedly being targeted for twitter posts attacking the Parkland school shooting survivors as well as his attacks on a anti-sexual harassment bill and public education.

Councilor John O'Donnell (D) is also facing a recall on primary day, June 12.

California: In-depth look at attempt to recall Long Beach Councilwoman

Here's an in-depth look at the effort to recall Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce, who was found on the side of a freeway with her former Chief of Staff in an alleged domestic violence incident  in June.

The article focuses on changes in Long Beach and Pearce's support from the hotel workers unions. The recall effort has received $180,000 from developers and hoteliers.

Petitioners would need 6463 signatures by May 9th to get on the ballot.

Florida: Madeira Beach Commissioner accused of sexual harassment

Commissioner Nancy Oakley is accused of licking the face of the former City Manager. The attempt to recall Oakley was tossed out by a judge in April.

California: Beaumont Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem facing recall efforts

Mayor Nancy Caroll and Mayor Pro-tem Julio Martinez are facing recall effort over a variety of claims, including "misuse/embezzlement of $400 million." Petitioner is also threatening to recall three other councilmembers who face a reelection in November.

The article notes that the petitioner moved to Beaumont in January 2018.

Colorado: Petitioners handed in 2168 more signatures against La Plata County Commissioner

The petitioners looking to recall Commissioner Gwen Lachelt have turned in 2168 signatures. They need 2030 to be verified. In April, the petitioners handed in 6485 signatures, of which 5475 were validated. They had 15 days to collect more. They need 7505 total. The issue was Lachelt's environmental policy.

Massachusetts: Randolph town councilor facing recall following meth arrest

Councilor James Burgess is facing a recall threat following his arrest for possession of methamphetamine (and conspiracy to distribute). He missed two council meetings, but has since returned to regular duty.

Burgess argues that the meth was a former tenant's and he was arrested after the police came to serve the tenant. Two of the leaders of the campaign lost races.

Petitioners need to have almost 5000 signatures by late July (20% of registereds). If he resigns, the person who came in second the last election replaces him.

The petitioners claim that there were 29 recall efforts in Massachusetts over the last decade, with 27 removals and five resignations.

Michigan: Williamston School Board recall thrown out by judge

A judge has tossed out a recall effort against Board President Greg Talberg and members Nancy Deal, Sarah Relanger and Christopher Lewis over their vote extending non-discrimination protection to transgender students. The election commission had previously accepted the recall language 2-1, but the judge (in another county -- numerous judges recused themselves) ruled that the language of the petition was designed to mislead or confuse. It did take the petitioner four attempts to have the language of his petition approved by the election commission. No word on an appeal or another attempt.

Oregon: Port of Brookings Harbor Commissioners recall set for May 29

The recalls of Commissioners Angi Christian and Jan Barbas over the firing of the Port Manager has been set for May 29. Commissioners Roger Thompson and Andy Martin both resigned after the petitions were handed in.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

California: More on Santa Clara judge recall

Here's an op-ed I wrote for American Lawyer Litigation Daily and an AP article on some of the recent developments.

Massachusetts: Barkstable County discussing adopting recall law

The recall provision would target County Commissioners (who serve four year terms).

Michigan: Branch County Prosecutor recall fails

The recall effort against Prosecutor Ralph Kimble over accusations of sexual harassment and a investigation by the State AG and State Police failed. Petitioners needed more than 2800 valid signatures; it sounds like none were handed in.

Michigan: Cedar Springs School Board members petition approved

Board President Heidi Reed, VP Matt Shoffner and Treasurer Shannon Vanderhyde are all facing petitions after failing to let someone talk at a board meeting in March. Petitioners need 2356 signatures.

California: Georgetown Divide Public Utility District recall fails

Attempts to recall Board members Dane Wadle (1827), Jesse Hanschild (1735), Lon Uso (1787 and David Halpin (1753) all failed. Petitioners needed to get 1858 signatures to get on the ballot. The issue was a rate increase for water.

Michigan: Three London Township officials facing petitions

Supervisor Gary Taepke, Clerk Larry Lee and Trustee Richard Horn are facing recalls for their support of a medical marijuana ordinance as well as the enforcement of other ordinances in the area. Petitioners would need 225 signatures to get on the ballot.

Update: First version of petitions were rejected.

Michigan: Roscommon Village President recall takes place on May 8

President Dan Fishel is facing a vote on May 8 over an effort to dismantle the Roscommon Downtown Development Authority

Michigan: Forgery Conviction against recall petitioner in Benton Harbor tossed out by Supreme Court

The conviction of Edward Pinkney for forging petition signatures was tossed out by the state Supreme Court in what they called an unusual decision. Pinkney was not properly charged. The recall was an attempt against Mayor James Hightower.

Oregon: Two Clatskanie School Board loses recall vote

School Board member Judy Skrivin and Monty Akin's lost their board set over a vote to not renew an elementary school principal. The votes was between 74-80% against Skirvin and 64-77% for Akin. Turnout was under 40% (and under 34% in a second county).

Board member Walt Lovegren resigned rather than face the vote.

Maine: Waterville Councilor on the June 12 ballot

The recall for newly appointed Councilor John O'Donnell (D) is set for June 12.

Petitioners handed in more than 857 signatures in the recall against Mayor Nick Isgro (R), of which 784 have been verified so far. They need 857 to get on the ballot. Isgro is allegedly being targeted for twitter posts attacking the Parkland school shooting survivors as well as his attacks on a anti-sexual harassment bill and public education.