Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Massachusetts: Westport Treasurer facing recall effort

Treasurer Brad Brightman is facing recall threats after a vote to pay a consultant $65,000 to help balance the financial records. There is also a move to convert the Treasurer position from elective to appointed.

Maryland: Bowie Councilmember who faced recall effort earlier in the year resigns seat

Council member Courtney Glass, who faced a recall effort earlier this year, resigned her seat over health concerns and the need to move.

Texas: Signatures handed in against Rusk City Councilmen

Signatures were handed in against Councilman Ken Ferrara and Jan Pate over alleged "highly inappropriate comments to the city secretary" Rosalyn Brown by Ferrara. Ferrara has since apologized and was reprimanded by the council. 702 signatures were handed in against Ferrera and 701 against Pate. 637 valids are needed to get the recall on the ballot.

Mayor Angela Raiborn has backed the recall effort and the two councilmembers are suing.

Maine: Signatures handed in against Ogunquit Selectmen \

Petitioners handed in 260 signatures against Selectmen Madeline Mooney, Charles Waite III and Robert Winn are facing recall petitions for their support of the town manager's decision to fire the Fire Chief.  They need 215 valids.

Wisconsin: Abbotsford Mayor facing recall vote today in rerun of 2017 election

Mayor Lori Voss is facing a recall vote over the financial direction of the city. City Council President Brent Faber led the recall effort and is running against Voss. Petitioner handed in 146 signatures. The to faced off in 2017, so this is a rerun.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Missouri: Mapaville Fire Protection District Board Member recall vote cancelled

Board Secretary Annette Acre was suppose to face an recall vote on election day after accusations of firing the former 33-year chief and trying to replace him with her son, as well as some other behavior (notably, the open records law violations. Petitioners handed in 641 signatures, they got 510 and needed 505.

A judge cancelled the election and the matter is still on appeal.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Arizona: Signatures handed in against Phoenix City Councilman

Petitioners handed in 2361 signatures for the recall of Phoenix City Council Michael Nowakowski (D). Petitioners need 1337 by December 27.

The recall is over a vote to study and potentially delay a light rail expansion. Nowakowski was previously threatened with a recall over same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

Petitioners need 1337 signatures by December 27.

Arizona: State Representative facing recall campaign over racial comments

State Representative David Stringer (R) is facing a potential recall campaign following a Prescott City Council 6-1 vote asking for his resignation over racially charged comments. This is not the first time that Stringer has been criticized for his racial comments -- the Governor and both parties have called for his resignation.

A recall cannot begin until the summer -- Stringer was just reelected and there is a six month grace period before a recall can begin.

Nebraska: York Mayor recall set for February 12

The recall of Mayor Orval Stahr over claims of intimidation and misbehavior has been set for February 12.  Petitioners submitted 1326 signatures and got 1214 verified. They needed 1149 signatures. Any replacement would be appointed by the council.

Council member Diane Wolfe led the recall effort.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Minnesota: Discussion over Crookston Recall Charter

The charter doesn't have a recall procedure, though a number of people have asked about it.

Michigan: Split verdict in Fairbanks and Garden Township Supervisors

Fairbanks Township Clerk Kathryn Denholm (R) defeated Jim Peasley (NPA) 112-82, Supervisor Ronald Collins (R) won 101-97 over Dan Dalgord (R), but Trustee James Dalgord (D) lost tp Penny McKay (NPA) 101-95.

Garden Township Supervisor Morgan Tatrow (D) lost to Richard Pichette (R) 270-184. The recall  was over the construction of right-of-way electric lines.

A recount is set to take place for Supervisor Ron Collins' recall -- Collins won 101 votes and Dan Dalgord got 97.

Wisconsin: Flambeau School Board members facing another recall effort

Another recall petition was filed against school board President Sam Stewart and clerk Danielle Zimmer over claims of disrespectful comments and a host of other complaints.

In July, petitioners handed in 481-482 signatures, but the petition was thrown out for improper documentation. That recall also included  Patrick Anderson.

Nebraska: Signatures handed in against Hamilton County Commissioner

Signatures were handed in for the recall of Commissioner Gregg Kremer over claims by a former member of the County Ambulance Department that ht represents private interests. Petitioners need 227 signatures to get on the ballot.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

California: Victorville Councilwoman recall fails

Petitioners failed to turn in any signatures against Councilwoman Blanca Gomez. They needed about 9880 signatures.

The recall was over Gomez's Facebook Live video of the open casket for Hesperia Mayor Russ Blewett as well as other videos such as a homeless shelter and a sanctuary city meeting.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Michigan: Split verdict in three Ross Township officials over medical marijuana zoning vote

Trustee Sidney Durham lost his seat (1323-1182) to Mike Sulka, while Treasurer Cynthia Genung (1400-1069) beat Christian Chonjnowski and trustee Diana Langshaw (1254-1236) beat Michael Bekes. 

The recall was over an ordinance that would allow medical marijuana processors and growers in an industrial district. The bill was later reversed.

Washington: Seattle City Council President facing recall threats

City Council President Bruce Harrell is facing recall threats over Open Public Meeting Act claims regarding the city council's reaction to sex abuse allegations against former Mayor Ed Murray. Washington is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, so there needs to be a showing for cause.

New Jersey: Discussion of recall of Governor

The article doesn't really have an information of a real recall threat, but notes that any petitioners would need 1.4 million signatures to get a recall on the ballot.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Idaho: Signatures handed in against Dalton Gardens Mayor and four council members

Mayor Steve Roberge and council members Denise Lundy, Joe Myers, Jamie Smith and Scott Jordan are all facing potential recalls. Petitioners handed in 420 signatures -- they need 311 to get on the ballot. The issue is development/building  deal.