Friday, October 2, 2015

New Jersey: Jersey City Freeholder facing recall threats after wife takes job with Senate President

Jersey City Freeholder Gerald Balmir is facing threats of a recall led by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop after his wife took a job with State Senate President Stephen Sweeney. Both Fulop and Sweeney are looking to make a gubernatorial run.

Canada: Municipal politicians call for British Columbia to adopt recall law


Idaho: Driggs Mayor recall not going to be on November ballot

The recall attempt against Driggs Mayor Hyrum Johnson over lack of transparency will not be on the ballot. Petitioners needed 151 signatures.

California: Riverside County Supervisor recall failed

The attempt to recall Supervisor Kevin Jeffries (R) failed, with petitioners not turning in signatures. They needed 17,000. Jeffries is a former state assemblyman who is acused of being a bully and denying seniors access to nutritious lunches. Supporters of the supervisor who Jeffries beat in 2012 , Bob Busters, are alleged to be the prime backers of the recall.

Idaho: Four West Ada School Board members targeted in recall

Following a vote to rescind a contract extension for the superintendent, the previous superintendent Christine Donnell and a former trustee Reid Olsen launch a recall against fur board members, Russell Joki, Carol Sayles, Julie Madsen and board chair Tina Dean. The board rescind the contract, which was approved just before two new members took office.

Read more here:

Ohio: Upper Arlington uncertain on how to handle recall petitions


Thursday, October 1, 2015

California: Los Rios Community College Student board member facing recall threats over Holocaust denial

Cameron Weaver, who is the elected student member of the Los Rios Community College Board (it has reps the community colleges in Sacramento) was quoted in an interview calling into question the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust, among other comments.

A recall will need a 3/4 majority vote from 3 of the four college student body association Senates.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Arizona: Guadalupe Vice Mayor hands in 250 signatures to recall mayor


Michigan: Two Beaverton councilmembers facing recalls over open meeting violation

Councilmembers Matt Lang and Kevin Neville are facing petitions filed by mayoral candidate Keith Willett over a claimed violation of the open meeting laws. The rest of the council are exempt due to the place on the upcoming election. The issue was a meeting which led to paid leave for the city clerk and treasurer.

Oregon: Morgan Commissioner facing recall over opposition to term limits

Commissioner Susan Morgan is facing a recall because of her suit that the two-term limit for commissioners (passed by 70% of voters in November) is unconstitutional.

Oregon: Three Powers Councilors ousted

Powers councilors Joseph George (65% against), Jackie McDaniel (72% against) and Mearl McDaniel Jr. (70% against) were all kicked out of office over their support for a grinder system for wastewater (which the petitioners claim the city can't afford. Turnout was 65%.

Massachusetts: DA finds no wrongdoing in alleged Saugus recall signature forgeries

The claim of signature forgery in the successful Saugus recall has been found to have no credible evidence behind it. The DA has decided that there is no further action to take.

Newsweek article on Republican leadership troubles


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nebraska: Herman Village recall cancelled over questionable petitions

The recall of Herman Village Board of Trustee member Shaun Swan was cancelled, after the petitioner signed an affidavit that he verified all the signatures, though another resident was found to have collected three signatures.

Swan previously got into a fight with the husband of the village clerk. Not clear why he was targeted in the recall, but there seems to be a lot of bad blood in Herman.

Colorado: Op-ed attacks Jefferson County recall


Florida: Tampa Mayor facing calls for recall over police civilian review board appointments

Wrangling over whether the mayor or the city council would appoint members to the police civilian review board has led to calls for the recall of Mayor Bob Buckhorn and city council members. This became an issue after complaints that blacks are disproportionately ticketed for biking violations.

Arizona: Guadalupe Mayor facing recall petitions over food stamp fraud case

Mayor Rebecca Jimenez is facing a recall over a recent misdemeanor plea deal she took on charges that she illegally receiving food stamps. She failed to report that her children's father was living in the home with her and the kids, so she had to pay back more than $5K. The Vice Mayor, Andrew Sanchez, has collected 230 signatures, more than 50 more than needed.

Missouri: Lots of Facebook likes for Springfield City Council recall over "Free the Nipple" fight

Facebook likes are worth, of course, nothing in both the real world and in the world of politics.

Arizona: Signatures handed in against two members of Central Arizona College Governing Board

Signatures were handed in against two members of the Central Arizona College Governing Board, Rita Nader (1846) and Gladys Christensen (2599). Petitioners need 1326 for Nader and 2200 for Christensen. This is the first county-wide recall submission in Pinal County history.

Two other members were also targeted, Rick Gibson and Jack Yarrington, though those recalls failed (the petitioners, Citizens for Fair Taxation claimed time and weather issues).The issue was a vote to increase the college share of property taxes by 45%, which was modified to 20%.

The college will have to pay for the recall.

Massachusetts: Winchester School Board recall dropped

The attempt to recall members of the Winchester School Board was dropped after an ex-principal was bought out of his contract.

California: Dixon Rooster ban leads to petitions against mayor, vice mayor, two councilmembers

Former Dixon Councilman Mike Ceremello handed out recall petitions against Mayor Jack Batchelor, Vice Mayor Jerry Castanon, Councilmembers Steve Bird and Scott Pederson over their support for a ban on keeping roosters, though he apparently was also going to recall over rate hikes from a new sewer system. Councilman Ted Hickman, who actually put forward the ban, wasn't served.

Petitioner will need about 2,000 signatures.

California: Moreno Valley approval of Logistics Center leads to calls for council recall

Members of the Moreno Valley City Council are facing threats of a recall after the 3-2 approval of the World Logistics Center (a warehouse from the LA and Long Beach ports).

Colorado: Councilman facing Snowmass Village recall disappears

Interesting result -- Chris Jacobson's house is for sale and he hasn't been seen at all.

Ohio: East Cleveland Councilman recall gets to the ballot

Signatures have been verified against East Cleveland Councilman Thomas Wheeler, who is facing a recall after cooperating with the FBI after a businessman tried to bribe him. The Board of Elections verified 219 of the 315 signatures handed in. Former City Councilman Otis Mays notoraized the petitions, so that may be a hint.

Wheeler is an ally of Mayor Gary Norton, who has been the subject of numerous failed recall attempts.

Wisconsin: End of Frac Sand Mining Moratorium leads to petitions for recall of Arcadia Mayor

Arcadia Mayor John Kimmel is facing petitions for a recall over his support for the end of a moratorium on frac sand mining. We've seen frac sand mining as a recall topic last year, though the drop in oil prices has made this a less pressing issue.

Arizona: Case asking to toss out Oro Valley recall dismissed

The issue was the placement on the ballot of two candidates who the plaintiff claimed shouldn't have gotten on the ballot. Judge tossed out the case and the recall will proceed.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

California: Lucerne Valley School Board member makes the grade

The recall of Lucerne Valley School Board member Dawn Turnbull has made the ballot, with the board looking at a January date.

Oregon: Klamath County Commissioner facing petitions over medical marijuana ban

Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams is facing a recall petition over a vote to ban medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, producers and wholesalers. The petitioners own a medical marijuana dispensary that they've been trying to open. They also claim to be bothered by his illegal pumping of water at his farm.

Petitioners need 3426 signatures in 90 days.

Massachusetts: Fall River Mayor comes in second in reelection race

Mayor Sam Sutter, who unseated Will Flanagan in a recall last year, came in second in his reelection run. There will be a run-off in November.

Oregon: Clatskanie Mayor facing petitions

Clatskanie Mayor Diane Pohl is facing petitions over what seems to be her support for the former police chief, who allegedly made racist remarks on the job. There's also news that the Mayor's husband was recently arrested for indecency.

Petitioner need 90 signatures in 90 days. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

California: Rosamond Community Service District faces petitions

President Ed MacKay and Directors Olaf Landsgaard and Dennis Shingledecker are facing recall threats over their handling of matters, including violating open meeting laws.

Idaho: Idaho Falls City Council member facing recall over parole hearing

The article is a good overview of the Idaho recall laws. Idaho Falls City Council member Barbara Ehardt is facing recall threats after she a story came out that she testified in favor of parole for Franklin Crazythunder who took six shits at a policeman at a traffic stop.

Maine: Anson will vote on proposed recall law

This comes on the heels of the indictment of the tax collector

Massachusetts: Upcoming Lawrence election may show thoughts on mayoral recall


Missouri: "Free the Nipple" campaign targets Springfield City Councilman

Springfield City Councilman Justin Burnett is the focus of a recall effort by people who had a "Free the Nipple" rally downtown, though the leader of the effort suggests a general dissatisfaction with Burnett before the event. Burnett pushed for a stricter indecent exposure law. Petitioners would need 1912 signatures.

Arizona: Kingman Mayor, City Council facing petitions

Mayor Richard Anderson and Councilmembers Larry Carver, Mark Wimpee, Carole Young, Mark Abram, Jen Miles and Stuart Yocum, are facing recall petitions for several vague claims, including charges about the airport and Kingman Crossing. The petitioner owns several properties in need of abatement.

Petitioner would need 1147 signatures for Anderson, and 1209 for the council members by December 12.

Arizona: Petition to remove two from Oro Valley recall ballot

Doesn't sound like there's any basis for the court to rule for a removal though.

Scott Walker drops Presidential Bid

There is a limit to how much of boost you can get from a recall, and apparently Walker found that ceiling. I think we can say for certain that Walker would not have had been in the top position he was in without the recall victory, but that was simply not enough to sustain him.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Idaho: Caldwell School District recall leads for call for reform of law

An excellent editorial here that notes a problem we have seen repeatedly crop up -- The recall of Caldwell School Board Member Leif Skyving and Amy Rojas over the removal of the superintendent and assistant has led to calls for changes in the law based on a common problem -- the two of them have to vote to put the recall on the ballot.