Friday, July 3, 2015

Massachusetts: Hinsdale Select Board Chair ousted

Hinsdale Select Board Chairwoman Bonnie Connor was kick out on Saturday, 379-293. Connor then lost the replacement race to former Selectman John Genzabella 377-285. The police chief firing helped lead to this recall.

North Carolina: State Senator still pushing forward on Moore Board of Ed recall, despite resignations


Friday, June 26, 2015

Missouri: Ferguson Mayoral recall effort falls 27 signatures short

The Ferguson Mayoral recall effort seems to have missed out by 27 signatures, with officials holding that only 1787 of those handed in were valid (petitioners need 1814, they turned in over 3200). The latest batch of signatures had a much better success rate -- 276 were tossed because of non-registered signers and 93 were because they previously signed the petition.

Of course, there is complaints about the process -- petitioners are claiming that the city clerk had five days to validate the signatures, which would have ended on Wednesday. The clerk only announced the ruling today.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

South Africa: Activist calls for recall of President Jacob Zuma

Doesn't sound likely, but here it is.

Venezuela: Calls going out for Presidential recall

President Nicolas Maduro is facing calls for a recall -- which can be launched after his 3rd year of the six year term.

Massachusetts: Town Administrator censored for running in Fall River Mayor recall race


Texas: Lake Dallas residents look at recall

Mayor Anthony Marino is facing recall threats as residents also look to oust dual-use official, City Manager/Police Chief Nick Ristagno. The list of residents looking into it include a former mayor, police chief and a former council member.

Part of the battle has to due with the removal of Councilwoman Julie Mathews, who was ousted by the council shortly after winning an overwhelming victory in May.

Washington: Pierce County Prosecutor recall papers filed

Recall papers have been filed against Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist over accusations that he hired and promoted females based on attractiveness; intimated deputy prosecutors and ordered evasions of the Public Records Act. Washington is a judicial recall/malfeasance standard state -- meaning that cause has to be shown for a recall to get on the ballot.

Colorado: Secretary of State suggest Constitutional Amendment to close recall loophole

Here -- the issue was that absentee ballots had to be set 45 days before, and recall candidates wouldn't be known until 15 days before the election.

Arizona: Oro Valley recall scheduled for November 3

The recall against Oro Valley Town Councilmembers Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters has been scheduled for November 3. The cost is estimated to be $30,000.

California: Atlantic article on San Bernardino with response from recalled official


Massachusetts: Hinsdale Board Chairwoman recall set for Saturday

Here's a letter denouncing the effort

Ohio: Signature submitted against Cleveland mayor has98% rejection rate

The recall effort against Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seemed to set a record for failure, with more than 98% of signatures submitted being thrown out. Petitioners handed in 12887 (they claimed to have handed in 13500) and they needed 12025. Only 260 of them were validated. 9600 signatures were tossed out because the petitioners failed to sign a part of the form attesting to the number of people they witnessed signing. Another 1980 were kick out due to inaccuracies. The remaining 1034 didn't vote in the November 2013 election (a requirement under the law).

Petitioners now have 20 days to make up the difference. The signers had to have voted in the November 2013 election. Here's a look at Cleveland's law compared to some other mid-western cities.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

California: Petitions threatened against Santa Cruz County Supervisor over village project

Santa Cruz Supervisor Zach Friend is facing recall threats over the his support for construction in Aptos Village.

Michigan: Greenleaf Township Clerk facing petitions

Petitions have been filed against Greenleaf Township Clerk Lori Mazure, which seems to be connected to the Supervisor Kirk Winter recall.

Michigan: Greenleaf Supervisor ousted

This one was from May 8 -- Kirk Winter was ousted by Rodney Mazure, 111-82-38 (Randall Schuette). The issue was moving forward with purchasing a township hall without board approval.

Ohio: Petitioners submit signatures for Cleveland Mayor

Petitioners have submitted more than 13.500 signatures for the recall of  Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. They need 12,025 (which seems like it may not be enough to get by the verification process). According to the City Council, the signatures must be from voters who voted in the November 2013 municipal election. The primary issue is the use of force by the police department in the wake of the Tamir Reed shooting.

Canada: Editorial against Burnaby recall


UK: Recall in UK against MP might be delayed until rules in place to use the device

It will be months before the UK recall is operational, which may result in a delay in considering whether Alistair Carmichael, the first MP threatened with it over his leaking of a memo, can face a recall.

Nebraska: Signatures verified against Creighton Board of Ed President

Signatures were verified against Creighton Board of Education President Dan Morrill, with petitioners handing in 180 valids. They needed 165.

Canada: Independent MP proposes recall law on national level


Missouri: Article about mayor power mentions 2001 Berkeley Council recall

I had not heard of this recall, of City Councilmember Louvenia Mathison in 2001. Could be another point to discuss in the Ferguson mayoral recall.

North Dakota: Lincoln Mayor ousted

Lincoln Mayor Robert Johnston was kicked out of office, with presidential election turnout 380 votes. Johnston lost by a more than 3-1 margin to Gerarld Wise. Here's more on the issue, which involves the power of overruling veto (resulting in a state law change) and water drainage repair.

Canada: Recall effort against MLA Richard Lee fails

I believe this is a clean sweep of failed recalls. Petitioners needed 16491 signatures to knock out the Burnaby MLA. They haven't said how many signatures they got (the paper notes that there have been 24 previous recall efforts, and in 18 they refused to divulge the numbers).

Connecticut: More push on Gubernatorial recall idea

We saw coverage of this earlier in the week, but it now looks like former two term Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley discussion of creating a recall law to remove Governor Dannel Malloy from office is trying to gain some legs. One of Foley's supporters is now pushing for website and Facebook page

Missouri: Ferguson making last push for petitions -- due on Friday

Here's a USA Today article that quotes me on the last minute push to get the recall on the ballot against Ferguson Mayor James Knowles.

California: Carson City Clerk facing petitions over fight, possibly related to stadium

Carson City Clerk Jim Dear, who served 11 years as mayor, is facing petitions over his "erratic behavior." The mayor and two councilmembers are among those who oppose Dear.Oone of the councilmembers, Jawane Hilton, could not be seated because Dear refused to finish counting the ballots for his election, leading to some lawsuits, an appointment of Hilton to a vacant council seat, and a diatribe by Dear, where he turned out the lights in the council chambers and disconnected the recording video feed. Dear is also accused of changing the location of polling places where one

The issue seems to be (in part, at least) a fight over the plan to build a stadium for the Chargers and Raiders.

Friday, June 19, 2015

California: Mountain View school board member targeted by former board president

The Mountain View-Whisman School Board president Chris Chiang resigned and has decided to focus his new effort on recalling fellow trustee Steven Nelson. Chiang claims that Nelson harasses staff, teachers and the public.

California: Two Soquel Union School Board members targeted

Soquel Union School Board members Phil Rodriguez and Judy McGooden are facing petitions. Rodriguez already resigned as board president, but hasn't give up his seat. Petitioners would need 3132 signatures.

The website also calls for Sandra Wallace to step down. The school superintendent has already resigned.

Nebraska: Neligh mayor and city council facing petitions over annexation

Neligh Mayor Joe Hartz and councilmembers Stephanie Wanek, Ted Hughes, Leonard Miller and Dale Wilkins are all facing recall petitions (three after serving six months).  Petitioners will need 163 signatures for the councilmembers and 189 for the mayor (35% for the highest vote getter in the last election) and have 30 days to collect. The issue is their approval of an annexation.

Arizona: Follow-up impact of Clifton recall -- board dissolves itself

Last year, two Clifton school board members were bounced from office. Now, the replacements have voted to junk the whole system and dissolve the school district.

California: More on the Mark Stebbins recall

The LA Times weighs in on one of my favorite recalls from 1984. Guess I should have written an op-ed once the Rachel Dolezal story broke.

Maine: Op-ed calls for state-level recall


Arizona: Camp Verde letter to the editor calling for petitioner pays recalls


Arizona: Four Glendale councilmembers facing petitions over Phoenix Coyote vote

Recall petitions have been taken out against four council members, Ian Hugh, Lauren Tolmachoff, Bart Turner and Jaime Aldama, over their vote to terminate the lease of the Phoenix Coyotes. A real estate agent is leading the charge. The city may be holding a recall in November regardless against Councilman Gary Sherwood (over a separate issue).

Petitioners would need between 750 and 2200 signatures. The signatures needed for Mayor Jerry Weiers, 14,500, prevented petitions being taken out against him.

Missouri: Webster Groves recall attempted dropped

The recall attempt against Webster Groves Councilman Greg Mueller has been dropped after he talked with school board members. The recall started after two tax-hike propositions that Mueller opposed failed.

The monetary benefits of initiative politics

Here's the Center for Public Integrity's look at the subject

Monday, June 15, 2015

California: Interview with Mark Stebbins

Here's an interview with Mark Stebbins, from the "Weirdest recalls"  fame. As I mentioned on Twitter last week, it has great similarities to recent news surrounding Rachel Dolezal.