Thursday, August 27, 2015

Michigan: Cottrellville Township supervisor case going back to Circuit Court

The case against Supervisor Kelly Fiscelli over violations of open meeting laws has been kicked back to the Circuit Court by the Court of Appeals. Fiscelli is facing a November recall vote.

California: Both replacements resign from Manteca Shool Board over voter fraud charges

Nine months after winning office in a recall both of the replacement Manteca School Board members, Ashley Drain and Alexander Bronson, have resigned, They both faced accusations and felony voter fraud charges that they did not live in the district. Drain is also facing charges over welfare fraud and grand theft.

Philippines: Former Puerto Princesa Mayor protests recall vote

Former Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn is protesting his May recall lost to Lucilo Bayron, claiming that his supporters were harassed. He is asking for a recount and he is looking to run again in 2016.

Arkansas: Group who lead historic 1959 Little Rock School Board recall elected to state's Hall of Fame


Massachusetts: Anson residents to vote on recall law

Anson voters will take up a recall ordinance at a September 22 town meeting. This is following allegations that the tax collector misappropriated $438,712 during her 42 years of elective office.

The recall would require signatures of 10% of gubernatorial turnout.

Massachusetts: Winchester School Board recall being pushed forward

Following the resignation of the principal of Winchester High School (though he claims he neither resigned nor was terminated), the school board is being threatened with recalls. Petitioners would need 200 signatures, with at least 25 from each of the town's 8 precincts.

Colorado: Snowmass Council recall over DUI recommended for October 13


Washington: Recall petitions out on the street against Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist


Nebraska: Four Neilgh council members face recall

Four Neilgh Council members, Stephanie Wanek, Ted Hughes, Leonard Miller and Dale Wilkinson, are facing recalls, though numbers haven't been released (they needed at least 163 valids). The mayor will not be facing a recall. The issue is the council's vote to annex property.

Oregon: Powers City Councilors face September 29 recall

Powers City Councilors Mearl McDaniel, Jack McDaniel and Joseph George will be facing recalls on September 29, following the handing in of 45 valid signatures. The recall is over the councilors support for a $9 million project to replace the city's out of compliance sewer system.

Colorado: Signature totals on the Jefferson County School Board recall

The verified signatures were 34,188 for John Newkirk, 33,900 for Julie Williams and 33,942 for Ken Witt, all of which got on the ballot. It looks like the failure rate was fairly low, as each had about 37000 signatures handed in against.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Colorado: Recall proponents raising money easily in Jefferson County School Board recall

Looks like they've raised over $200,000 to push for the recall.

New Jersey: Judge rejects Irvington's request to continue delaying issuing recall documents

Not the first time we've seen this problem in NJ, but a Superior Court judge threw out Irvington's bid to kill the recall against Mayor Tony Vauss by refusing to accept the reasons for the recall. The Municipal Clerk claimed that the recall notice was not based on facts. Vauss has been accused of forcing an employee to have sex with him before he took office.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Maine: Signatures verified in Eddington Selectwoman recall

The recall of 19-year Selectwoman (and Chairwoman) Joan Brooks is set to be held on Tuesday, with 116 signatures verified.  The reason cited in the recall is a jumble of malfeasance claims, but according to the report, the actual reason was her support for a rock quarry.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

California: Chino Valley School District Member facing recall threats over proselytizing from the dais

Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education member Andrew Cruz is facing recall threats and calls for his resignation over prostelyzing during a meeting, criticizing gay marriage, gay adoption, immigration and claiming that racism has played no role in the South Carolina church shootings.

Arizona: Another article claiming elections should be used instead of recalls


Montana: Glacier County Treasurer petitions rejected

An attempt to recall the Glacier County Treasurer Mary Ann Boggs was denied by the Clerk and Recorder, due to the fact that Montana is judicial recall/malfeasance standard state. Boggs is accused of failing to produce accounting reports and produce tax statements. The issue was a failure to include a detailed written statement with the recall and a failure to support the claim of a violation of FOIA.

California: Salinas Councilman facing petitions following censure

City Councilman Jose Castaneda is facing a new petition after he was publicly censured by the city council. Petitioners would need 25% of registered voters in 90 days -- 1575 signatures.

California: Second state Senator facing recall efforts over vaccination requirement/medical labor groups back Senator Pan

Senator Jeff Stone (R-Temecula) is facing recall efforts over his co-authorship of a bill requiring nearly all schoolchildren to be vaccinated. Couple of interesting facts, the first-termer Stone is a licensed pharmacists and the only one of the four Inland Senator to vote in favor of the bill. Petitioners would need 30,800 signatures in 160 days (20% of turnout).

At the same time, medical and labor unions have given big to Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) while he is fighting a recall over the same issue.

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Massachusetts: Plymouth Housing Authority threatened with recall over ban on senior housing window air conditioners

Board of Selectmen Chairman Ken Tavares was among those discussing a recall of the Plymouth Housing Authority, with the issue of a ban on window air conditioners in senior housing a key component of the problem.  There have been numerous complaints about the Authority, including that their meetings have very sparse minutes.

Nebraska: York County Commissioner facing petitions

York County Commissioner Paul Buller is facing recall threats over catch-all claims that he fails to represent all the people, violated the Open Meetings Act and is ill prepared for meetings. Petitioners would need 236 signatures (35% of turnout) in 30 days. The lead petitioner testified about whether a railroad crossing should be closed, during which Buller consulted privately with the county attorney

Myanmar suspends vote on recall bill


Nevada: Continuing threats against Senate Republicans over budget votes

Senator Ben Kieckhefer and Senator P.K. O'Neill are facing recall threats by fellow Republicans over their support for the Governor's budget.

Idaho: Recall against second Caldwell School Board Trustee headed to November ballot

Petitions were handed in against Caldwell School Board Trustee Leif Skyving, with 400 signatures -- 380 were verified. The recall of Skyving and Amy Rojas was over the vote to remove the Superintendent and assistant Superintendent. Petitioners needed 348 signatures to get Skyving's recall on the ballot. They needed only 93 against Rojas thanks to a quirk in the law (Skyving was ran unopposed for his seat, therefore the total was 20% of registered voters, rather than a turnout number). The recall will be held in November.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nebraska: Creighton School Board member survives recall

Creighton School Board Member Dan Morrill survived a recall vote 210-449. 46% of the voters turned out. The reasons were fairly amorphous.

Nebraska: Signatures handed in against four councilmembers, but not mayor

Petitions were handed for Neligh council members Stephanie Wanek, Ted Hughes, Leonard Miller and Dale Wilkins, though none were handed in for Mayor Joe Hartz. The issue was the council's support for approving annexation of property in Neligh without an idea of the cost.

Petitioners need 163 signatures per candidate, though they would have needed 189 for the mayor.

Kansas: De Soto School Board member ousted

De Soto School Board Member Scott Hancock was ousted with almost 90% of the vote against (2300 votes). Hancock was blamed for the resignation of the Superintendent and accused of disrespecting female administrators and making excessive demands.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Oregon: Groups pushing recall attempt against State Senator accused of election law violations

The Oregon Democracy Fund has charged groups trying to recall State Senator Floyd Prozanski (D) with violating signature gathering laws. The same claim was made in teh recall against House Majority Leader Val Hoyle.

The argument is that gun store employees collected signatures, which would make them paid petitioners (under this theory). It also claims that the petitions were not properly witnessed and that they improperly encouraged people to pick up single-signature recall sheets.

Nevada: Editorial attacks Nevada's Judge organization of Amicus defending NLV Judge

The organization if the Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction, and they appear to be looking to claim that judges shouldn't face recalls in the state.

Washington: Recall against Pierce County Prosecutor moves forward

A judicial ruling held that the recall against Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist can move forward, though a big part of it is a claim that of vindictive prosecution of a woman charged with molesting her daughter, which was then tossed out. That is in addition to the multiple claims against Lindquist of harassment and other misbehavior.

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Arizona: Camp Verde Town Council votes to rescind recall

This is the recall against Vice Mayor Bruce George. This seems very appealable, so this is probably not the end.

California: Yuba County Recall petitions finally approved for collection

This is against Andy Vasquez -- and it has taken sometime to get this one off the ground.

Maine: Tremont Selectmen vote 3-2 to put recall to a drafting committee

The recall would only apply to selectmen, not to school board members. The only town on Mount Desert Island to have a recall is Mount Desert, where the requirement is 10% signatures from the gubentorial election. The recall seems to require a cause to get on the ballot (a malfeasance standard/judicial recall law).

California: Centinela Valley School Board recall fails

The recall attempt against Centinela Valley School Board President Hugo Rojas over the compensation package for a former district superintendent failed. Petitioners handed in a lot of signature (unknown how many). They needed 8874, but only 5080 were valid.

California: Brother of ousted Alisal School Board member seeks seat

Alvin Ibarra, the younger brother of Meredith Ibarra who was kicked out last year, will be trying to win her school board seat. The incumbent is not running for reelection.

Maryland: Recall changes debated as either too hard or too easy

Brunswick is debating a charter change to the recall which will require more reasons for a recall and a higher signature requirement. Currently, 170 out of 4000 registered voters need to sign to get the recall on the ballot (25% of turnout). The new change would make it 25% of registered voters

The charter change began after the failed effort to recall Mayor Karin Tome over her pay-as-you-throw garbage fee plan. Brunswick does have a history with recalls -- a mayor was tossed out in 1990.

Massachusetts: Warwick Selectmen facing recall over Town Hall Firearms ban

A vote in favor of banning firearms in the Warwick Town Hall has led to efforts to recall Selectmen Sawn Magi and Nick Arguimbau. However, since the town doesn't have a recall provision, this doesn't seem to be going anywhere just yet.

Southern Ute Tribe pushing for chairman/board recall

Chairman Clement Frost and Councilmembers Alex Cloud, Amy Barry, James Olguin, Mel Baker and Tyson Thompson are the ones facing recall (a temporary replacement is the only one not targeted). Petitioners would need 275 valids by the end of the month.

Virginia: Attempt to recall Portsmouth Mayor failing

The attempted recall of Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright over claims that he has forced out numerous officials looks to be failing, with petitioners claiming to have between 1,000 and 3,000 signatures -- they need 7,8000.

Kansas: De Soto School Board member facing upcoming recall vote

First term De Soto School Board Member Scott Hancock is facing a recall on Tuesday. The issue was multiple resignations of school officials.

Ohio: Macedonia look for Mayor's removal, told to use recall

Macedonia Mayor Don Kuchta is facing an attempt to be removed by the court -- it was rejected and is now under appeal -- following his failure to reports gifts, hiding a garnishment order and other assorted ban behavior.  The judge ruled that petitioners need to seek a recall for removal (which is not that likely, as he is out of office in December).

Texas: Firing of City Manager leads to talk of West U Recall


Man responsible for 27th Amendment looking for recall law for president


Michigan: State Representative facing recall threats over affair/bizarre,botched cover-up plan

An all-time great attempted cover-up scandal is now resulting in a possible recall effort. Michigan State Representative Todd Courser (R) is facing the threats after it was revealed that he tried to cover-up an affair with fellow State Representative Cindy Gamrat (R) by asking an aide to send out emails accusing him of paying for sex with a man. He apparently hoped that when this story proved false, his affair with Gamrat would be overlooked.

The potential petitioner, Randy St. Laurent, ran for the State House in 2008. Petitioner would need 7-8,000 signatures. And I think we all should look forward to the clarity hearing on this one.

Arizona: One candidate in face-off race against Glendale Councilman Gary Sherwood


Rhode Island: Cranston Mayor subject of recall discussion following "ticketgate"

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung is facing recall threats over his actions after a police ticket writing blitz in the district of two councilmembers who voted against a police contract.

The Council President John Lanni has looked into the recall -- petitioners would need 11,000 signatures in 90 days (plus it seems a turnout of 2/3rd of the voters), so he is not pursuing it. The election would be estimated to cost $30,000.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oregon: Coos County Commissioner facing recall threats over gun rights issues

Coos County Commissioner John Sweet is facing petitions over his opposition to an ordinance that would have opposed stronger gun control laws. Not much coverage yet, but it does have a strong Facebook page.

Colorado: Money/national interest coming in to the Jefferson County School Board recall

This is from Talking Points Memo it mentions Koch, but this interest//money seems to be a bipartisan endeavor.

Louisana: Recall effort against St. John the Baptist Parish DA fails

An effort to recall St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney Bridget Dinvaut failed, though recall organizers are playing it off as their decision. They needed 9666 valid signatures by Monday. The issue appeared to be the firing of some staffers and the way Dinvaut was elected. She was in a runoff with the incumbent, who was leading in the polls, until he withdrew from the runoff for health reasons (not the euphemistic kind -- he later died). She was automatically elected.

Massachusetts: Holland Board of Health Member loses recall vote

Dana Manning lost her Board of Health seat, 256-93 to Erin Evans.