Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Passmaquoddy Tribe's vicious politics -- including recalls

Mary Creighton, who was on the governing council and lost in the race to be Chief, was kicked out among other things.

California: Petitioners need to revise petitions in Yuba County recall

Here, last item.

Colorado: Jeffco School Board recall signatures to be handed in tomorrow after 17 days

Petitioners appear to have well over 15,000 signatures needed. They are claiming over 30,000.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Colorado: Snowmass Village Councilman responds to recall charges following DUI

Councilman Chris Jacobson claims that former Councilman Fred Kucker is behind the recall charges, blaming Jacobson's pointing the finger at communication Kucker had with a developer in his last meeting in October. Here's a story about how the release of a video helped fuel the case.

Arizona: Oro Valley Mayoral recall on the November 3 ballot

The recall against Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath has gotten to the November 3 ballot, with 3242 of the the 3392 signatures being validated. Petitioners needed 2765. The petitions against three councilmembers are still out there. The recall is over the sale of a country club.

California: Sanger Grand Jury recommends against recalls in findings of city problems

A Sanger Grand Jury issued a detailed report on the city's problems, but recommended against promoting recalls for violation of what seems to be Open Meeting Acts, as well as other charges over their vote to fire the City Manager (they voted 4-0 to keep him, but he quit a few months later). Mayor Joshua Mitchell also quit over alleged conflict of interest charges.

New Jersey: Details on debate between Palisades Park Mayor and Democratic Municipal Chairman pops up

Democratic Municipal Chairman Michael Pollotta has been threatening Mayor James Rotundo with a recall over the mayor's family holding numerous public sector jobs (the mayor's son applied for, and did not get, a vice principal position).

North Carolina: Chance for recall law for Moore School Board unlikely this term


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Colorado: Snowmass Village Councilman facing petitions over DUI

Snowmass Village councilman Chris Jacobson is facing petitions after being arrested for DUI and for damaging the county jail by ripping off sections of the rubberized wall. Petitioners would need 242 signatures.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wisconsin: John Doe investigation thrown out by Wisconsin Supreme Court

Lots of coverage out there on this one

Michigan: Two Betrand Officials targeted

Petitions are being submitted against Betrand Township Supervisor Steve Hicks and Treasurer David Kuhn, which is just after Clerk Jane Lano was kicked out of office. The issue was the purchase of a new firetruck and their office hours.

Canada: MLA Richard Lee supporters outraised opponents in failed recall effort

The recall campaign spent $1859; Lee's BC Liberal supporters spent $11,774 (presumably all in Loonies).

Arizona: Glendale recall efforts not required to submit disclosure forms


Colorado: Recall effort raises $43,000 in Jefferson County School Board recall


Arizona: Camp Verde council members back Vice Mayor facing November recall


California: Soquel School Board recall dropped

The effort to recall Board President Phil Rodriguez and Judy McGooden ended, with Rodriguez's retirement from the board. The issue was their support for the superintendent, who announced his resignation at the end of 2016.

Maine: Brewer votes to cast ballots on recall amendment for school board members

The recall was voted on in June, and won 539-111. However, the they needed 1261 voters to cast ballots (30% of the last gubernatorial election. A failure to renew a superintendent's contract pushed the idea forward.

Michigan: Howell School Board recall effort fails

The recall efforts against Howell School Board Members Mike Yenshaw, Deborah McCormick, Stacy Pasini and Mike Moloney appear to have failed (Pasini didn't even get past the clarity stage). Petitioners needed 4700 signatures, and it was over the decision to fire the superintendent over travel reimbursements.
Richard Lee supporters spent nearly $12,000 to defend him from a recall campaign attempting to remove him as MLA in Burnaby North.
The money was part of a $26,060 contribution from the B.C. Liberals, via the local constituency association, according to expense reports from Elections B.C. released Wednesday.
“We made a decision we needed to support Richard, and I feel we did a very good job,” said Garth Evans, a former city councillor and now president of the Liberals’ Burnaby North riding association.
The money covered expenses for a committee of Lee’s supporters to run a parallel campaign defending him. The committee defending Lee only spent $11,774, mostly on office rent and “professional services,” which included hiring a campaign manager. The remaining funds went back to the constituency association, Evans said.
The recall campaign spent far less ­– $1,859 – mostly on promotional materials. The recallers received $1,845 in donations, just $14 less than what they spent. Most of their money ($945) came from individual donors, but $900 was an in-kind contribution for pre-campaign printing services from the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association, according to Letourneau.
“We had slightly less deep pockets,” said Loren Letourneau, the official proponent for the recall petition. “For us, the financials goes to show it really was a grassroots movement on our part. We were doing it by walking door to door, by showing up, employing volunteers rather than employees. There were no professional canvassers on our side. It was people upset with the status quo. ..  It was a really diverse group.”
The recall campaign fell short of the 16,494 signatures required (over a 60-day period) to trigger a by-election. Lee is Burnaby’s only Liberal politician; all other posts are held by New Democrats. The recall side did not disclose how many signatures they actually collected.
UPDATE: Don Main of Elections B.C. said his office received all of the copies of the recall petition after the deadline, and his office won't be verifying or counting any of the signatures, so there's no information available on the total number of signatures.
"They didn't submit the petition, so it automatically fails. That's all we report and record," he said.
- See more at: http://www.burnabynow.com/news/richard-lee-supporters-outspent-recall-campaign-1.2001461#sthash.2uTjfgXe.dpuf

Nebraska: Creighton School Board president recall set for August 18

Creighton Community School board of education President Dan Morrill is set for August 18.Petitioners handed in 180 signatures and needed 165.

Missouri: Ferguson Mayor goes on listening tour following failed recall

One of his opponent's, Phil Gassoway, calls the door-to-door campaigning a "form of intimidation."

According to the USA Today:

"I don't think he should be doing this at all, not until everything is litigated in court," Gassoway said. "If he wants to reach out to these people to get their support after the lawsuit is settled, that's fine. For him to go to people's houses…I think he's going to try to (convince) people to change their mind and say, 'We were coerced (into signing the petition.)'"

Arizona: Oro Valley Mayor joins three councilmembers facing recalls

Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath is joining council members Lou Waters, Joe Hornat and Mary Snider in facing a November recall vote over the town's purchase of a country club. Petitioners handed in 2765 valid signatures and needed 2193.

Massachusetts: Court rejects attempt to stop Holland Board of Health recall


Maryland: Russett Community Association facing debate over validity of recall

A recall against Russett Community Association President Colin Sandy and VP Tim Reyburn has led to a debate over a June recall that the two officials say was invalid. The association (which represents 13000 residents) has spent $34,000 in legal fees on the fight.

Michigan: Three Rivers Community School Board Recall petition upheld by judge


Tennessee: Story of 2003 Nashville recall

The interesting fact notes that former councilwoman Pat Murray, who is running for her seat again, was recalled (by three votes) over a question of whether she lived in Nashville or Detroit.

Ohio:Signatures not handed in for recall of Cleveland Mayor

The recall of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seems to have died, though petitioners are claiming that they will start again in September. Petitioners needed about 12,000 signatures in 30 days. Petitioners handed in 12887 signatures in June, but almost all of them (98%) were tossed out. They then had 20 days to cure, but failed to take advantage.

New Jersey: Irvington clerk fighting judicial order requiring petitions

Fitting into a pattern in NJ and elsewhere, Irvington's Municipal Clerk is fighting a judge's order that the clerk issue petitions to start the process of a recall campaign against Mayor Tony Vauss.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

California: Salinas councilman facing fourth recall attempt

Salinas Councilman Jose Castaneda is facing his fourth recall attempt in two years, organized again by Juan Sandoval. Castaneda was involved in a recent fist fight, was cited for driving with a suspended license and lack of insurance and is the target of a state Fair Political Practices Commission investigation. He is the subject of a grand jury investigation and a formal censure by the council. Petitioner will need 1800 signatures.

Florida: Spencer's Plantation homeowners in a recall fight


California: Montclair's mayor, two city councilmembers facing recall over City Manager salary

Montclair's Mayor Paul Eaton and councilmembers Bill Ruh and Trisha Martinez are facing petitions over claims that they overpaying the City Manager (which they dispute, claiming the state Comptroller has inaccurate info on its website) and neglecting the city parks and police force. The petitions are being brought by Sean Brunske, who just lost a race for the city council in the last election. The petitions need 2561 signatures in 120 days (20% of registereds).

Idaho: Caldwell school board members face recall, with interesting discrepancy in signature requirements

Caldwell School Board Trustee Leif Skyving and Amy Rojas are facing recalls after the Superintendent and assistant Superintendent were relieved of duties. Both have claimed that they cannot speak on the issue. Interesting result on how many signatures are needed Rojas' recall will need 93, which is 50 percent of the voter turnout in the 2013 election. Skyving ran unopposed, so they need 348 signatures.

Arizona: Glendale's recall over Coyote stadium expands to include Vice Mayor

The recall attempt against two Glendale councilmembers, Bart Turner and Lauren Tolmachoff, has been expanded, with petitions now taken out against Vice Mayor Ian Hugh. Petitioners need 1804 signatures. The petitioner, Larry Feiner, is upset about the council members opposition to the city's agreement with the NHL and the Phoenix Coyotes.