Thursday, May 26, 2016

Colorado: Castle Rock Councilmember denounces recall of colleagues

Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue is facing a recall on July 26 and petitions are still out for Councilmember Renee Valentine. Fellow council member Brett Ford denounced the recall effort:

“I've always believed that a recall should be used when one has committed fraud, embezzlement and illegal acts, however, that has not happened."

Oregon: Harney County Commissioner recall scheduled for June 28


Georgia: Meigs Mayor Ousted

Meigs Mayor Linda Harris was ousted 94-48 in Tuesday's recall after she was charged with theft. Harris has spoken about running in the upcoming special election replacement race.

Harris' tenure has been controversial -- she won in 2013 by four votes and was arrested for stalking the ex-mayor; she was arrested for disorderly conduct and banned from City Hall. Most of the power of her office was transferred to the City Manager. The city was sued for a hostile work environment and lost its insurance. Then, she was arrested for stealing $80 and using a city credit card without authority.

She recently tried to pass a law that would make it illegal for city council members to be arrested by Meigs police.

Michigan: Four Croswell-Lexington School Board members facing petitions over resignations

Four Croswell-Lexington School Board members, Linda France, Lyle Clarkson, Laurie Ebner and Katie Gordon, are facing recall threats over their acceptance of the resignations of three of the districts four principals (all of whom appear to have lacked proper certifications). The focus does seem to be an open meeting violation. The Board did receive a note of support from the State Superintendent.

Tennessee: Memphis Council Chairman facing threats over parking

Council Chairman Kemp Comrad is facing threats over his support for allowing parking on the Overton Park "greensward." Petitioners would need 36,455 signatures (10% of total votes in the last general election -- I wonder about that). One of the leaders seems to be his past opponent Robin Spielberger.

Massachusetts: Recall effort against two Lowell Selectmen on hold

The recall effort against Selectmen Carolyn Smart and Gordon Clark are on hold, as petitioners wait for what they call a ruling, though it is not clear who is giving the ruling. The issue was open meeting law violations.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

California: Three Arvin Councilmembers facing petitions

Three Arvin City Council members, Jose Gurrola, Jazmin Robles and Jess Ortiz, are facing petitions due in one week, with Mayor Jose Flores being one of those leading the recall charge. The claim is that the councilmembers are easily manipulated -- Flores seems to be upset that the councilmembers went out to recruit a new police chief rather than promoting in-house. Petitioners need 20% of registered voters.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Texas: Corpus Christi Mayor facing petitions over bad water

Mayor Nelda Martinez is facing petitions over issues of bad water in the city. Petitioners would need 16500 signatures (10% of registered voters).

California: The Recall Boomerang effect and the San Francisco Mayor

I've mentioned the 1983 San Francisco Mayoral Recall against Dianne Feinstein as a big career boost for her. Here's another discussion of it in relation to grumbling to recall the current mayor Ed Lee.

Nebraska: Madison Mayor up for recall after 229 signatures handed in

Madison Mayor Alvin Brandl is now facing a recall within the next 75 days. Petitioners handed in 229 valids. Petitioners need 170. The issue was Brandl's appointments to various city boards.

Friday, May 20, 2016

New Jersey: Recall efforts expand to Councilman

Councilman Sal Gullace is now facing recall efforts by the same group who are leading the charge against Mayor Jimmy Davis. Petitioners need 2569 signatures in 160 days. The group claims they have about 2500 signatures against Davis, but need 8178.

The issue seems to be a proposed development which includes a mosque. However, the claim is that the councilman allegedly once called the Second Ward " a dump" and that he tried to "pilfer" more than $20,000 in health benefits (which was about a health benefits coordinator mistakenly advising that 3 council members were entitled to health insurance).

Oregon: Harney County Commissioner recall makes the ballot over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover

Some follow up from one of the big media stories of last year -- the takeover of a wildlife refuge center, Petitioners have handed in enough signatures to get the recall against Harney County Commissioner Steve Grasty on the ballot by June 28 (he serves as County Court judge, though that is chairman of the commission, not a judge). Petitioners needed 444 signatures, and they got 458 valids. Grasty was first elected in 1998 and his term runs out this year.

The issue was Grasty's opposition to the takeover/41-day holdout of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by Amnon Bundy and his supporters.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ohio: Look back at the Akron Mayor recall attempt

This one is part of a chapter of a book on the mayor by a former Beacon-Journal reporter Steve Love. The Indomitable Don Plusquellic: How a Controversial Mayor Quarterbacked Akron's Comeback.

Pennsylvania: State Senator proposes recall law

State Senator Rob Teplitz (D) has proposed a constitutional amendment that requires a recall vote for governor, lieutenant governor and state lawmakers if a state budget is not adopted by January 1. Definitely a new turn on the recall law.

California: New procedures for removing elected officials to be voted on by San Diego voters

This is in the wake of the Mayor Bob Filner debacle. It is not clear whether there are changes to the city's terrible recall law.

Georgia: Meigs Mayor survives impeachment vote, Recall vote on Tuesday

Mayor Linda Harris survived an impeachment vote (they needed 3 members to vote against her, it was instead a 2-1 vote). This is after Harris was arrested for theft and unauthorized use of a city credit card. The headline states that she survived a recall vote, but that will take place on May 24.

Idaho: Two School Board members kicked out in West Ada

West Ada School Board Trustees Tina Dean (62%) and Carol Sayles (63%) were both removed in a recall yesterday. Trustees Russell Joki and Julie Madsen had previously resigned. The issue started with the firing of the former superintendent.

Massachusetts: Barre Selectman ousted

Selectman Richard Jankauskas was kicked out 790-387. Turnout was about 33% of registered voters. The issue was the non renewal of the contracts of the fire and police chief. Jankauskas had been in office for 10 years.

There is also now an attempt to recall Selectman Lief Ericson.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oregon: Recalled Powers Councilman applying for appointment to new council seat

Former Powers Councilor Joseph George, who was kicked out in a recall in September, is applying to be appointed to a newly vacant council seat.

Wisconsin: Three Paris Town Board members facing recall efforts

Chairman Virgil Gentz and Supervisors Ronald Ronald Kammerzelt and Kenneth Monson are facing petitions over the town's approval of an intergovernmental agreement transfering 2500 acres from Paris to Somers.  One of the petitioners, Paul Terry, lost to Kammerzelt in a 2011 race. Petitioners need 202 signatures to get it on the ballot.

Virginia: Norfolk Treasurer signature count taking time

Petitioners have handed in about 5400 signatures calling for the recall trial of Treasurer Anthony Burfoot on charges of taking kickbacks and bribes when he was a councilman (he was indicted in January) . However the registrar is not even half way through the count. 5000 signatures were handed in on March 31 and 400 on April 22. Usually, there is a requirement that this gets done in a much shorter timeframe (30 days is a regular deadline). Petitioners need 4352 valids.

Arizona: Secretary of State facing challenges over failure to distribute info

Secretary of State Michele Reagan (R) is facing heavy criticism for failing to properly distribute election ballot information on two Propositions. Here's a column calling for her recall (which, due to the sheer amount of signatures required, is not happening).

Texas: Alice Council recall petition tossed out

The petition to recall Alice Councilman Ron Burke was tossed out for not meeting standards, though the story doesn't explain what the deficiency was.

North Carolina: Exploding targets and firearms restriction proposals lead to bills to allow recall in Tobaccoville

A fight in Tobaccoville which led to the resignation of Mayor Billy McHorne -- who then quickly rescinded the resignation -- has led to bills in the legislature which would allow for recalls in the village. Senator Joyce Krawiec (R) and Representative Debra Conrad (R) filed Senate bill 823 and House Bill 1058.  The proposed law would required signatures from 20% of registered voters (736). The recall would take place at the same time as another scheduled election.

The precipitating issue was ordinances restricting firearms within 1000 feet of an occupied building and banning exploding targets set off by high velocity bullets. Neither of the ordinances passed.