Sunday, July 24, 2016

California: Signatures handed in against two Paradise Irrigation District Board Members

Petitioners handed in signatures against two Member Larry Duncan (4231) and Sep Carola (4151). Petitioners need 3203 (20%). The issue is questions over spending and water rates raises.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Michigan: A look back at the 1930 recall of Detroit's Mayor and his replacement by a future Supreme Court Justice

A look at the July 22, 1930 recall of Mayor Caharles Bowles, the only one in Detroit history. He was accused of corruption. He lost by over 30,956 votes and then lost the replacement race to future Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy.

Colorado: Custer County Commissioner facing petitions

Commissioner Bob Kattnig is facing petitions over claims of incomptence, misogyny and disdain for authority. Petitioners need 396 signatures in 60 days.

Peru: Three mayors, including Lima and San Isidro, acing recall petitions

Lima Mayor Luis Castaneda and San Isidro district Mayor Manuel Velarde are both facing petitions over parking and other issues. Petitioners need 18,770 signatures against Velarde.

Oregon: Two Gardiner Sanitary Board Members ousted

Susanna Noordhoff (33-29) and Richard Nored (34-28) were both kick out in recall votes -- turnout was 52.85 percent. The issue was a former board member claiming that the board was conducting business over email, ignoring district ordinances and overcharging him for emails. The replacements will be appointed.

California: Yorba Linda Water District board members

Board members Robert Kiley and Gary Melton are facing recall threats over a rate increase. Petitioners need 9520 signatures.

Texas: Over $1 million unaccounted for in Crystal City


Oregon: Signatures verified in Wheeler County Judge recall

Judge Patrick C. Perry is going to face an August 15 vote, as petitioners handed in 169 valids. (Perry does hear juvenille and probate cases, but also serves as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners). Seven county officials have called on perry to resign over an inappropriate relationship with a county employee, excessive litigation and ordering raises by garnishing his own salary, but not actually following through on the reduction.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Venezuela: Opposition claims enough signatures to move recall to next stage

The opposition has claimed that the National Election Council has confirmed 407,000 signatures, which is double the amount needed to move to the next stage against President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition now needs about 4 million signatures to get this forward, though there is no word on whether the Maduro-backed Council will allow this to move forward.

California: Golden Rain Foundation directors not to face a new recall after decision of Orange County Judge

The July 5 decision overturning the recall of directors Kathryn Freshley and Mary Stone appears to be the end of the fight.

New Mexico: Silver School Board VP resigns

School Board VP Tony Egan resigned, which ends the recall effort against him by two former school board members, though no word on the effort against President Arnold Torres and Secretary Chris Arvidson.

California: Los Banos School Board recall set for August 23

John Mueller is facing an August 23 recall, with a former city council candidate Ray Martinez running in the replacement race. The issue were a kitchen sink of complaints of poor communication, test scores and nepotism.

Nebraska: Madison Mayor survives recall vote

Mayor Alvin Brandl survived the Tuesday recall vote 209-264.  The issue was questions over his appointments to the city boards.

Virginia: Registrar has August 8 deadline for signature check of Portsmouth Mayor

A court has set a hearing on August 9 to determine sufficiency in the recall of Mayor Kenny Wright. Petitioners handed in almost 8200 signatures. They need 7786 valids.

In the 2010 recall of James Holley III, the petitioners gathered 8494 and had 1411 tossed out, so this is cutting it close.

Wisconsin: Sevastopol School Board recall set for August 23

The recall against President Sue Todey and VP Bill Behme is set for August 23. The precipitating issue was the failure to offer a contract to an elementary school principal. There were attempts against two other board members.

Massachusetts: Barre Council stymied for lack of quorum after recall

Here. Selectman Richard Jankauskas was kicked out in May and Leif Ericson resigned before his recall got to the ballot. This was over the termination of the police and fire chiefs. The council hasn't been able to operate since the May recall.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wisconsin: Recalled State Senator seeks Congressional seat

State Senator Gary George, who was kicked out in 2003 and then convicted, is challenging Congresswoman Gwen Moore for the Democratic nomination. George ran against Moore in 2014, and got blown out 71-29%.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Arizona: Peoria council member recall tossed out over whether gather paid or volunteer

Councilmember Vicki Hunt's recall has been struck down over the fact that the petition did not state whether the signature gatherer is paid or volunteer.

Massachusetts: Lawrence Councilors propose tightening recall law

After a number of recall attempts in Lawrence, two City Councilors are looking to increase the initial petition requirement to 250 from 100 signatures (that is just to start the process. The proposal would also raise the signatures needed to get on the ballot from 15% to 30% of total registered voters. They also note that Boston needs 50%. I wasn't aware that Boston had a recall law.

Montana: Hearing on Silver School Board recall set for Monday


Ohio: Upper Arlington Recall certified Election in August

The attempt to stop the recall against Kip Greenhill over the fact that Kip is his nickname was rejected, as most people know him as Kip. The recall has to be scheduled within the next 30-40 days.

Arizona:Ousted Cave Creek councilman running to reclaim seat

Reg Monachino is looking to reclaim his seat that he lost in last year's recall.

Washington, DC: City Council member faces recall notice

Councilman and Chairman Pro Tem Kenyan McDuffie (D) faces a recall effort over claims that he is unresponsive to voters, though there are also mentions about McDuffie supporting a homeless shelter's location and his support for development of a Reservoir site.

Petitioner needs 10% of registered voters signatures in 180 days.

California: Golden Rain Foundation recall overturned by Superior Court

The recall of two Golden Rain Foundation Board members was tossed out because it was called for in a closed meeting. The issue was the termination of contract with the retirement community's managing agent.

California: Criticism of Ed Lee recall notes 66% disapproval of recall effort


California: Calaveras Supervisors try to delay recall

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors refused to approve a vote on certifying the signatures for Supervisor Steve Kearney recall. In some states, this exact move has been used to drag out or even kill a recall. California's law doesn't allow it, and the county Elections Board will certify. They will have to place an advertisement in a newspaper to get this going, so it will be a further cost for the recall.

Wisconsin: Comments from both sides on Paris recall


Texas: Laredo approves scharter amendment relate to recall

The big one changes the signature requirement from 10% of voter turnout to 10% of registered voters.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oregon: Signatures verified in Lakeside Rural Fire Protection District Director

171 signatures were accepted in the recall of Director Ralph Dotson. Petitioners needed 144 and 29 others were rejected. A firefighter is the lead petitioner. The recall is expected to be held on August 16.

The Board has had a ton of trouble, including refusing to swear in Dotson.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Virginia: 8200 signatures dropped off against Portsmouth Mayor


New Mexico: Silver School District Recall effort in front of court

The recall effort against Silver School Board President Arnold Torres, VP Tony Egan and Secretary Chris Arvidson, led by former board members Tom Law and Gerald Billings, is now going to the Judicial District Court for a hearing on whether there is sufficient cause to allow a recall (New Mexico is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state).

There is another debate, one that we've seen before. The petitioners is claiming that they have to collect signatures from 33 1/3 of turnout in the last election (in 110 days). But the clerk and Secretary of State are claiming that they need the signatures from people who actually voted in the election -- a vastly more difficult number. However, the actual number of signatures are 45 for Torres, 22 for Egan and 18 for Arvidson.

Petitioners are also possibly going to run into some scheduling issues, as local elections are banned within 50 days of a state election.