Saturday, February 24, 2018

American Airlines Flights Attendants' Union President resigns in face of recall effort

Bob Ross is stepping down as union head after a recall effort.

California: Solano County Superior Court Judge facing petitions

Judge Cynda Riggins-Unger, who faced petitions in 2014 over claims that she is rude to female litigants, is once against facing a recall effort. Unger is on the ballot unopposed in November, so it's not clear when the recall petition dates would start.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Missouri: St. Louis Councilman facing two ouster efforts

Councilman Ernie Trakas (R) is now facing two efforts to remove him from the council, which he is blaming on the County Executive. The recall effort needs about 15,000 signatures, though petitioners aren't handed it in just yet.

Trakas barely won his seat, which seems to be a key swing in the counsel. He also opposed a zoning change for a construction business in his district, though later backed down.

Another removal effort is a claim that he violates the county charter by working as an attorney for public school districts.

Tennessee: Nashville Mayor facing recall push following affair with head of security

Mayor Megan Barry is coming under a firestorm of criticism following revelations of her affair with the head of security. In addition to calls for her resignation, there is now a push for a recall effort. Petitioners need about 60,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Michigan: Jackson County Sheriff facing threats of removal

Sheriff Steven Rand is facing a push for his resignation or removal by the Governor following a civil lawsuit calling him a "multifaceted bigot." The County Board of Commissioners voted 8-0 asking for his resignation. There is talk of a recall if nothing else works.

Michigan: Dexter School Board member facing recall effort

School Board member Barbara Read is facing a recall threat from the husband of a cross country coach over claims that she threatened the coach's job. Read filed a Title IX complaint over the disparity in schedule for the girls and boys cross-country team. 

Petitioners need 2368 signatures to get on the ballot.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

California: Madera Mayor recall efforts moving forward

An attempt to recall Mayor Andy Medellin is moving forward over claims the doubling of water rates and the salaries for city department heads. Petitioners would need about 3500 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: School Board member elected in 2016 recall resigns after denying Sandy Hook massacre

Board of Education member Val Bury, who won office in the 2016 recall of School Board President Diana Parrigin for a marijuana possession arrest, has resigned following twitter posts she made claiming that no one was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nevada: A look at the Lieutenant Governor's role in the Senate recall effort

Here's a look in the Nevada Independent on one of the most unusual parts of the recall Lt. Governor's Mark Hutchinson (R) serving as legal counsel for the recall groups.

California: Recall against Assembly Speaker fails

The recall attempt against Speaker Anthony Rendon (D) over his shelving a single-payer health care plan has been abandoned.

California: Corona City Council recall fails

Petitioners claim they collected between 4200-4300 signatures for the recall of Mayor Karen Spiegel, Vice Mayor Eugene Montanez and Councilman  Dick Haley. They needed 10500 for each.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wisconsin: Coulee Region Joint Municipal Court judge pushed for resignation

Judge John Brinckman is facing calls for his resignation or a recall over claims of organizational mismanagement. There is claims of "mountains of unprocessed citations" and 30 boxes of unprocessed tickets."

Maine: York School Board Recall set for April 7

The recall against School Board member Dick Bachelder has been set for April 7. Bachelder is running for reelection in May. regardless.

Petitioners handed in 1072 signatures, and got 971. The issue was the firing of a coach, which he didn't appear to have a part in, though he was overheard as making a comment years ago that the coach shouldn't coach two sports.

California: Second candidate enters Santa Clara Judge recall replacement race

Angela Storey, who opposes the recall of Judge Aaron Persky, has put herself up as a replacement candidate should the recall succeed.

Oregon: Oregon State University Grad School representative ousted for white nationalist views/felony hate crimes charge

Representative Andrew Oswalt, who is going for a PhD in Chemistry, was tossed out by almost 90% of the vote (2/3rds were needed). He also ran for reelection and lost, though he got 329 votes.

Colorado River Indian Tribes to hold April 28 election

Chairman Dennis Patch, Vice Chairman Keith Moses and Councilmembers Amelia Flores, Valerie Welsh-Tahbo, Johnny Hill Jr., Granthum Stevens, Johnson Fisher, Herman Laffoon and Bobby Page are up for a vote on April 28.

The issue is the leasing of water allotment, which petitioners claim was done in secret.

Philippines: Senator proposes change to recall law allowing voluntary resignation of official

Apparently, the Philippines prevents a recall while the recall process is in progress. This bill by Senator Leila de Lima, who is the detained on drug-related charges and the Senate Electoral Reforms and People's Participation Committee Chairwoman, would change it.