Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Michigan: Marion School Board member facing petitions

Board Member Linda Raymond  is facing a recall after claims of pension violations against the superintendent, though the petition claims that Raymond recorded a closed session of the board, in violation of the open meeting act. 

Idaho: Albion Mayor recall makes the November ballot

Mayor Sharon Hardy-Mills Wilmot will be facing a recall in November over claims that she "lacks knowledge to 'adequately' and 'fairly' run the city and that she bullied people.

Colorado: Pueblo students leading effort to recall school board following end of teacher strike

Petitioners handed signatures against school board president Barbera Clementi, VP Frank Latino and board member Robert Gonzales over  week long teachers strike. The student leading the recall effort was a supporter of the teachers' strike over a COLA increase. Petitioners need about 8000 signatures for each.

Michigan: Additional recalls sought in Isabella and Denver Township

Petitioners were filed against Isabella Supervisor Jeff Bean over the vote to create a township planning commission. Petitioners have also filed petitions against Denver Township Supervisor John Pedjac and Isabella Township Trustee Robert Walton. The Walton petitions were twice rejected due to clarity ground (petitioners were also complaining about a wind farm lease he signed).

Petitions must be in by August 3rd to get on the November ballot.

Missouri: Jolpin Councilman facing petitions

Councilman Phil Stinnett is facing a recall effort over a request for wage concessions for police and firefighters. The leader of the recall effort lost a city council race. Petitioners need 20% of the votes from the last regular election or about 6315 signatures.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

California: Interview with ousted State Senator Josh Newman


California: Los Angeles Councilmember recall fails

The recall of Councilmember Mike Bonin has apparently failed, as the campaign director has gotten a new job and the social media accounts have gone quiet. The recall was over a "road diet" plan.

New Jersey: Mahwah Mayor recall gets enough signatures to be on the ballot

Mayor Bill Laforet will be facing a recall vote, as more than 5000 signatures were validated -- petitioners needed 4150 to get on the ballot.

The issue was Laforet's backing and then moving away from an ordinance which bans non-New Jersey residents from using township parks, as well as an anti-Eruv ordinance. Both of the laws are allegedly aimed at Orthodox Jews and the city has been accused of anti-semitism and discrimination. The state has filed civil rights suits against the town, and the Town Council effectively rescinded the ordinance.

Laforet has been the subject of two no-confidence votes in three years.

Massachusetts: Rockland Selectman facing recall threats over investigation into other officials' inappropriate behavior

Selectman Ed Kimball is facing recall threats from former selectman Mary A. Parsons over a complicated investigation. Selectman Deidre Hall has been accused of pressuring Town Administrator Allan Chiocca into sexual activities because she would be voting on his contract extension and salary increase (Hall has since resigned). The investigation substantiated the allegations, but Kimball called the investigation a sham.

Petitioners need 500 signatures to get through the first stage, than need 15% of registered voters signatures within 14 days.

California: Calaveras Supervisor recalls fails after signatures disallowed

The recall of Supervisor Dennis Mills failed due to invalid signatures. Petitioners handed in 2125 signatures, they needed 1555 and got 1462, a more than 31% failure rate. The issue was Mills vote in favor of shutting down Cannabis ventures.

California: Irvine Mayor, Councilmembers facing recall threats

Mayor Don Wagner and Councilmembers Melissa Fox and Christina Shea were hit with chants of a recall after delaying the building of a Veterans Cemetery.

Ohio: Huber Heights Councilwoman facing recall effort

Councilwoman Janell Smith is facing a recall effort over her opposition to the city's water pressure project. Petitioners need 15% of the total votes cast in the last gubernatorial election.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Michigan: Isabella and Denver Township Trustees facing petitions

Isabella Trustee Robert Walton is facing a second petition over a wind project -- the first was rejected on clarity grounds.

Denver Township Supervisor is facing a petition on a failure to push for a township planning commission, which is also being led by an opponent of the wind farm.

Michigan: Signatures handed in against Tecumseh School Board members

Signatures were handed in against School board Vice President Steven Linn, treasurer Kimberly Amstutz-Wild, Secretary Debbie-Johnson-Berges and member Jim Rice over violations of the Open Meetings Act as well as other complaints. Petitioners handed in somewhere between 1800-1900 signatures -- they need 1491 signatures for each.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Michigan: Leoni Township officials recall over medical marijuana fee structures makes the ballot

Petitioners handed in enough signatures to get a recall on the November 6 ballot against Supervisor Howard Linnabary (R) (1136), Clerk Michele Manke (D) (1166) and Treasurer Lori Stack (D) (1154) over medical marijuana applications. The  law provided an administrative fee go to the seven board members medical marijuana applications. Petitioners needed 984 signatures to get on the ballot.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thursday, July 5, 2018

California: Signatures turned in against Dublin Councilman

Nearly 6300 signatures were turned in against Councilman Abe Gupta. Petitioners need about 5300 valids. Gupta is also running for reelection on the same day, so a recall loss and an election win would take him out of office for a few months. Petitioners claim the issue is about growth, though Gupta claims that the petitions are to help one of the other candidates on the general election ballot, Bobby Khullar. 

California: No signatures handed in against Calaveras Supervisor

No signatures were handed for the recalls of Supervisor Gary Tofanelli and Jack Garamendi. Petitioners needed 1396 and claims a lack of leadership and jumping the line to be chairman. Garamendi's recall was over cannabis issues.

Over 2000 signatures were turned in against Supervisor Dennis Mills. Petitioners need 1555. The issue was Mills vote in favor of shutting down commercial Cannabis ventures.

California: Moreno Valley Council recalls fail to hand in signatures

The recall effort against Councilwoman Victoria Baca and Councilman David Marquez have both failed with no signatures being handed in. Baca had lost her seat in 2014 due to a recall, but came back and won election in 2016.

Arizona: Ballot Initiatives over Senator John McCain Recall

Petitioners would need 632,683 signatures -- as well as what I would think is a very surprising court ruling -- to allow this to go forward.

California: Victorville Councilwoman facing recall effort

Councilwoman Blanca Gomez is facing a recall effort over her Facebook Live video of the open casket for Hesperia Mayor Russ Blewett as well as other videos such as a homeless shelter and a sanctuary city meeting. Petitioners would need 9404 signatures in 120 days.

Ohio: Sandusky City Commissioner facing recall effort

Commissioner Nikki Lloyd is facing a recall threat over her support for a smoking ban, though the article also notes issues with another councilmember who has been charged with sex-related offenses and has faced calls from Lloyd and others to resign.

Wisconsin: Dover Town Chairman face July 31 recall vote

Chairman Mario Lena is facing two candidates in a July 31 vote over claims of unprofessional conduct. If no one receives an absolute majority, then the top two face off on August 28.

The two candidates are former town supervisor Dean Larsen and current town supervisor Sam Stratton.