Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wisconsin: Paris Town Board facing November 22 recall

The recalls against Chairman Virgil Gentz and Supervisors Ronald Kammerzelt and Kenneth Monson have been scheduled for November 22. The vote is over the transfer of land from Paris to another city.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Mexico: Las Vegas mayor facing petitions

Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron is facing a recall effort, with petitioners needing at least 920 signatures (25% of turnout). The leader of the effort is a former campaign volunteer for Gurule-Giron. The petitioners are claiming that she lost moer than $4 million from stopped water projects, terminate employees without explanation and refused to protect animals.

Pennsylvania: West York Mayor's racists and anti-Clinton posts led to calls for ouster

West York Mayor Charles Wasko is very active on Facebook, and not in a good way. This article notes that only two states (Utah and Mississippi) have less ability than Pennsylvania to remove recalcitrant elected officials.

This article notes that there were 22 attempts to add a local recall law to Pennsylvania
s constitution since 1979.

Rhode Island: Providence Councilman challenges recall signatures

Councilman Kevin Jackson, who was indicted on charges that he embezzled $127,000 from a youth track and field team, is appealing the signatures in the first stage of the recall petition against him. Petitioners handed in 360 signatures, they need 300. At this point, they would need 20% of registered voters (about 2000) signatures in 120 days.

Maine: Two Peru Selectmen facing November 18 vote

Chairwoman Wendy Henderson and Vice Chairman John Witherell are up for recall on November 18, though there is still debate on the validity of the signatures. Some residents claim that a witness wasn't present at the signing, though that may not be a requirement.

Michigan: Flint Councilman targeted in recall effort

Councilman Scott Kincaid is facing petitions after the council tabled three resolutions by Mayor Karen Weaver in an attempt to teach her a lesson, though there are questions as to whether he can be recalled (his term ends in 2017). Kincaid has been in office for 31 years.

Oregon: Portland Commissioner facing petitions over new police contract

The group "Don't Shoot Portland" is now trying to recall Commissioner Nick Fish, changing its focus from Commissioner Amanda Fritz (who starts a new term on January 1), The group would need about 36,000 signatures in 90 days. The issue is a new police contract.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Oregon: Klamath Irrigation District removes Board President, retains 1

The unofficial vote is in for the Klamath Irrigation District, as Board President Bret Cheyne lost his seat 89-77. A second board member, Ken Smith survived 52-51, with one absentee ballot outstanding (the ballot was unsigned). From the article, it is not clear what a yes would mean. The recall was over alleged poor performance.

A third member, Grant Knoll, will face a recall on November 7.

California: Petitions printed against San Francisco Mayor

While not many are giving the effort a chance to succeed, signature gathering has started against San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. Petitioners would need about 47,000 signatures.

Louisiana: Failed effort against St. Tammany Parish Coroner leads to calls for recall reform law

A State Representative Paul Hollis (R) has a study looking at how the recall law should be changed. Louisiana has arguably the most restrictive recall law in the country (among states with a political recall law).

Here's an editorial by Representative Hollis on the subject.

Tennessee: Sheriff indictment leads to calls for recall law

The indictment and arrest of Sheriff Robert Arnold over allegations that he profited from the sale of JailCigs has led to calls for a recall law.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Maine: Litchfield voters approve recall ordinance

There was little discussion of the ordinance at the special town meeting. Voters overwhelmingly approved the proposal (there seemed to be one opposed vote) -- the provision was the one put forward by the selectmen -- and rejected the original provision (as discussed here).

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Arkansas: Hartford Mayor facing recall in November

Mayor James Baker is facing a recall vote in November. Petitioners handed in over 100 signatures (including four city council members), They needed 40. The issues seem to be over hiring policies and a vote to move City Hall.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish President under recall fire over sexts to HS student

Parish President Mike Yenni has refused to step down after sexts to a 17 year-old high school student. The age of consent is 17 in Louisiana, but there's now federal questions about sexts to an under 18 year old.

Petitioners would need 90.157 signatures in 180 days to get the recall on the ballot.

Kansas: Leavenworth County Commission Chairman facing petitions

Leavenworth County Commission Chairman Bob Holland (R) is facing a recall effort over what he claims is his problems with the county treasurer Janice Parys, who was connections to the recall leaders. Three members of the Commission had to sign a consent order agreement with the state's AG over their violations of open meetings law. Holland claims that he was following instructions from county Counselor David Van Parys (the treasurer's husband).

Petitioners need 2012 signatures by early January.

Monday, October 10, 2016

South Dakota: Nisland Board Chairman facing recall effort

Chairman Harold Gray is facing a recall effort, though the board seems to be holding up any approval. I've yet to find any article explaining this recall.

Nevada: North Las Vegas Municipal Judge still on the bench, Supreme Court still not coming down with a decision on recall law

Long after the signatures were handed in against North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey, the Nevada Supreme Court still hasn't ruled on whether judges in Nevada can face recalls and it seems that it very intentional -- and for reasons that are unclear (I'm guessing they don't want judges to have a recalls put against them -- does anyone have another reason?).

Ramsey signed a discipline agreement but she has not sent apology letters nor fulfilled the rest of her agreement.

Particularly noteworthy is this paragraph:
Nevada Supreme Court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer said he hoped last month’s sanctions against Ramsey would squash any initiatives to recall her.
With less than four months left on her term when factoring in the upcoming suspension, Ramsey is “essentially finished,” Sommermeyer said. To recall her now, opponents would have to refile a court order and recollect the necessary signatures to proceed.
“There wouldn’t be anything like that,” Sommermeyer said. “All we did was close the case after we accepted this agreement.”

Virginia: Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk recall before a judge

The recall effort against Clerk Erica Williams (D) over the dismissal of four deputy clerk is set for a hearing before a retired judge. This is not the actual recall trial, just the first stage.

Oklahoma: Headley puts recall on the ballot

After two failed attempts to schedule a recall against Councilmembers Treva Gaga and Linda Hill, the council has finally put the recall on the February 14, 2017 ballot. Interestingly, the charter requires a special election in 30 days, but state law no longer allows special elections.

There is now a recall effort going against Councilman Manuel Davila as well for opposing putting the recall on the ballot.

Maryland: Taneytown looking to adopt a recall law

This will be on the ballot 

Maine: Litchfield to vote on recall election ordinance on October 11 town meeting

There are two ordinances -- one is from a petition with 257 signatures, the other is by the selectmen. Both requires 10 percent of turnout from the gubernatorial election. The selectmen's proposal includes a three month waiting period at the start of the term, and a six month grace period after a recall is held.