Sunday, September 25, 2016

California: Salinas women pleads guilty to signature fraud

A Salinas women, Maria Del Toro, who was hired to help get a recall against Salinas School Board member Janet Barnes on the ballot in 2014 has plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of filing false signatures (she got 397 signatures and was paid $1900). The recall was not successful. Del Toro got three years probation, 40 days in county jail and had to repay the money.

Maine: Bar HArbor recall amendment rejected by council

The City Council unanimously rejected a proposed recall amendment proposed by a resident.

California: Union Tribune recommends vote for San Diego's Measure E

Measure E allows the City Council to initiate a recall if three-quarters of the council wants to put it on the ballot. They also will have officials removed if they are found to be incapacitated, liable for fraud or convicted of a felony.

Colorado: Castle Rock pushes forward ordinance for recall reimbusement


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oklahoma: Healdton City Council recall expected to pass on Thursday

The council has rejected the first two attempts to get a recall against city council members Treva Gage and Linda Hill on the ballot, but the city attorney expects the council to pass it this week.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Colorado: Sedgwick County Sheriff facing petitions

Sheriff Thomas Hanna is facing petitions after his arrest for misconduct including felony offenses and sexual conduct on an inmate and soliciting prostitution. Petitioners need at least 300 signatures. The recall can not get on the ballot for the November election.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Venezuela: National Electoral Council continues to hold up recall effort

The National Electoral Council held that a recall against President Nicolas Maduro wouldn't be held until 2017, which would prevent a replacement candidate from being chosen (the Vice President would automatically take the position).  They are also requiring that the four million signatures be gathered over 3 days in October. 

Wisconsin: Greenb Bay Mayor facing recall threats from councilman following campaign finance violation plea


Oklahoma: Another Healdton recall threatend

Healdton Councilman Manuel Dovilla, who opposed the recall election of two fellow councilmembers Linda Hill and Treva Gage, is now facing a potential recall himself over his no vote. Unlike in California, there does not appear to be a procedure that would require the election commission or city clerk to put the recall on the ballot. Dovilla's vote has held up the recall effort that is by law suppose to be on the ballot. Petitioners would need 110 signatures.

California: Paradise Irrigation District recall set for January 24

The recall against directors Larry Duncan and Sep Carola will be by mail-in ballot.

Georgia: Petition turned in against Grovetown Councilman

Petitions were resubmitted against Councilman Dennis Trudeau over the firing of the police chief and an investigation of his step-daughter, the former city clerk. The first petitions were rejected because they didn't have enough signatures. Petitioners would need 1369 signatures to get on the ballot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Arkansas: Hughes Mayor sues to try and stop November recall vote

Hughes Mayor Grady Collum has filed suit to prevent a recall being put on the November ballot. Collum (elected in 2014)  is arguing that the petitions weren't filed in a timely manner.

The issue seems to be the hiring and firing of police, with a racial component thrown in.

Monday, September 19, 2016

California: Effort underway to recall Oakland Mayor

Petitions have been taken out against Mayor Libby Scaaf by the Anti Police-Terror Project, who are upset about the scandals involving the police department. Despite the group's name, they have used the kitchen sink approach in listing reasons for the recall.

Petitioners would need 33,000 signatures.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Colorado: Castle Rock Council recall withdrawn

Following Mayor Paul Donahue's surviving a recall with over 70% of the vote, petitioners have withdrawn the recall effort against Councilmember Renee Valentine, though they had the signatures. That is definitely an unusual occurrence at this late stage.

Colorado: Initial effort for Platte Canyon School Board recall falls short against three members due to withdrawn signatures

Petitions against School Board members Chet Lawrence, Katie Spodyak, Katy Davis, Susan Carpenter and John DeStefano failed after 177 were withdrawn. Petitioners needed 646 for each. Two of the members (Lawrence and DeStefano) have enough signature to at least review. The others went under the 646 amount. However, petitioners now have a 15 day period to collect the additional signatures.

The issue is poor ACT scores, poor management and water quality issues.

Venezuela: Opposition protests calling for speedier recall vote