Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Colorado: Dolores School Board member survives recall vote

Vangi McCoy survived a recall vote 485-358 (57.53% in favor).  The issue appears to be claims that the school has dropped in rankings. Board President Dee Prock earlier resigned rather than face the recall vote.

While the replacement race didn't matter, the two candidates actually received the same number of votes. Keith Moore and Joe Warren Reed both ended up with 208 votes.

Turnout was 30% with an estimated cost of $7500.

Eastern Band Cherokee looking to adopt new Constitution with recall provision


Colorado: Three candidates announce for replacement race against Brush Councilwoman

Three candidates, Glenda McNabb, Mark Thomas and Lawrence Lundstrom, have gotten into the race to replace Councilwoman Jeanine Anderson will be facing a December 11 recall vote over complaints about alleged abusive behavior to other members of the government and the police.

The election will be a two-step one -- an up or down vote on Anderson and and a replacement race that takes place at the same time. McNabb and Thomas ran in 2017.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michigan: Petition language against Jackson County Sheriff rejected

Language/clarity issues has stopped the latest attempt to get a recall going against Sheriff Steven Rand over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior. Petitioners would need over 13000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Ohio: Second recall attempt against Cleveland Councilman fails to meet initial signature requirements

Petitioners failed to submit enough signatures to get the second recall against Councilman Basheer Jones started. The first effort did not hand in signatures.

The recall is presumed to have been started by supporters of former Councilman T. Dow, who lost to Jones by 13 votes last year. The first effort did not turn in signatures. Petitioners need 676 signatures -- the reason for the recall is threats that Jones allegedly made to businesses and questions about residency. The earlier attempt led to moves to tighten recall laws.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Michigan: Jackson County Sheriff facing threats of removal

Sheriff Steven Rand is still facing an attempt at removal, with the father of a lieutenant who's suing Rand filing petition language. Petitioners would need over 13000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Rand has faced calls for resignation over audio recordings and alleged bigoted behavior.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Leader of Santa Clara Judge Aaron Persky recall opens Super-PAC on sexual violence issues

Mother Jones' has the interview with Stanford Professor Michele Dauber

Texas: Judges greenlights Groves Councilman recall

Councilman Cross Coburn attempt to have the recall thrown out was rejected by a judge. The recall will take place on Election Day.

The recall began after nude photos of him were sent to the media. Coburn is both 19 and openly gay. Coburn blames city government members for the leak of the pictures (the Mayor signed the recall petition). Petitioners handed in over 900 valid signatures in two stages. They needed 893.

Wisconsin: Big Bend Village Board Trustee survives recall vote

Trustee Jeff Goodman survived a recall vote 222-150 for Trenton Sobczak. The issue was a dispute about entering fire and water contract negotiations without the village president or clerk/treasurer present.  Turnout was about 45%.

Wisconsin: Trempealeau County District Attorney loses recall race

District Attorney Taavi McMahon (D) was ousted in a recall after he suspended an employee for refusing to attend the Jackson County DA's funeral as well as claims of prosecutorial failures. The county board has sought his resignation. McMahon has been on leave since May 9. McMahon's supporters claim the issue is a debate over new views of criminal justice reform. One of the lead petitioners is the Osseo Police Department Chief.

The recall became a two-parter once a third candidate, from the other party, entered the race.

Former ADA John Sacia (D), who McMahon suspended after he announced he was running, won the race 2244-450. Sacia is now facing Republican Rick Niemeyer in the general election.

Missouri: One recall effort against St. Louis Councilman thrown out; Another is still live

One effort to recall Councilman Ernie Trakas (R) was tossed out by a judge who said that Trakas did not violate the county charter by working as an attorney for school districts.

He is still facing another effort, which he has blamed on the County Executive. The recall effort needs about 15,000 signatures, though petitioners aren't handed it in just yet.

Trakas barely won his seat, which seems to be a key swing in the counsel. He also opposed a zoning change for a construction business in his district, though later backed down.