Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wisconsin: Recall Hall of Famer Jim Holperin reflects on facing two recalls

Holperin, who is the only state legislator to face two recalls, reflects on his career.

BH: You have the reputation of being the only state legislator in American history to face two recall elections. How do you feel about that reputation?
JH: Well, it’s not something that I’m going to put on my resume, and since the recalls were when I was in two different houses and they were 21 years apart and one was a federal issue and one was a state issue, there was a lot that was different about them. I think it was as much coincidence and happenstance as anything else.
BH: How does it feel to face a recall election?
JH: I always viewed those recall elections as regular elections, because that’s what they are — they’re held the same way. You have two candidates. The voting always takes place the same way. I just viewed them as two more elections that needed to be run and won. I approached the issues the same way. I campaigned the same way. I contacted voters and ran media campaigns the same way as if they were regular elections.

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