Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Texas: Alice City Council still trying to set date for recall


Oregon: New attempt to remove Governor Kate Brown

Petitions have been filed to try and get a recall against Governor Kate Brown over claims of "overreach" on taxes, the voter referral process, the state's foster care system and the death during the Malheur National Wildlife Refugee in 2016.

The same petitioner, Arin Marcus, tried to recall Governor John Kitzhaber in 2015 because Kitzhaber did not intervene in custody case where Marcus was removed by the DHS and adopted.

Petitioners need 291,907 signatures to get on the ballot.

Michigan: Recall attempt launched against Spring Lake Village President

Village President Joyce Hatton, who was criticized for lateness and consulting with the auditor without council permission, where she seemed to have the other six council members object to her idea that there would be a significant amount of money left over if the village is dissolved. Hatton, who won office in November, pushed for dissolving the village in order to save on property taxes.

California: Tulare Regional Medical Center Board Director kicked out

Board Director Dr. Parmod Kumar was removed 707-168, and he is being replaced by Senovia Gutierrez, who won the replacement vote over Jesse Salcido 569-173. Almost all the votes were mail-in (703 mail-in ballots, 176 votes showed up on Tuesday).

The recall was over a $85 million in bonds for a new building and a vote to divest the powers of the board to Health Care Conglomerate Associates.

Monday, July 10, 2017

California: More news on State Senate recall effort

Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker (R) has thrown his hat into the ring; Three Republican petition-gatherers are being sued by the California Democratic Party over allegations that they claimed the petition was to remove the gas tax.

Michigan: Signatures handed in against Flint Mayor

Petitioners handed in nearly 8900 signatures to recall Mayor Karen Weaver. About 8200 were allowed to move forward and the clerk has until July 24 to check them. Petitioners need under 5800 signatures to get on the ballot. The recall would take place on Election Day if the signatures are enough.

California: Two Newhall County Water District members recall failed

The attempt to recall President Maria Gutzeit and director Dan Mortensen over a proposed water merger with Castaic Lake Water Agency has failed. Petitioners needed 5713 signatures, but didn't turn any in.

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic candidate against Scott Walker in 2012 facing recall efforts

Four-term Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who ran as the Democratic candidate in the 2012 Scott Walker recall election, is facing a petition partly led by one of the leaders of a group called the "Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee." The petition complains about crime, lead exposure in water pipes and the Milwaukee Streetcar project. Petitioners would need over 51,000 signatures in 60 days.

Texas: Two Forney Councilmembers targeted over water sales/financial stability issues

Councilmembers Mary Penn and Robbie Powers are both facing threats over complaints about the city's finances over the loss of its wholesale water sales. Two other councilmembers have not served long enough to be recalled. Petitioners need at least 20% of registered voters or two hundred signatures, whichever is greater.

Nebraska: Bellevue Councilman facing recall following acquittal

Councilman Pat Shannon, who was acquitted of violating electrical license requirements for a building he owns; pushed by the council to come up with a fix to his car wash and has an unpaid $16,000 fine for campaign finance law violations, is facing a recall effort. Petitioners need close to 6600 signatures in 30 days.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Colorado Three Custer County Commissioners facing petitions

A recall effort against Commissioner Bob Kattnig failed last year, but there are now petitions out against Commissioners Kattnig, Donna Hood and Jay Printz (all are Republicans). The petitions claim a violation of the oath of office by holding closed door, executive sessions and secret meetings. Petitioners need 470 signatures for Kattnig, 582 for Printz and 735 for Hood.

California: Democrats looking to change contribution limit law to help State Senator

Democrats are pushing the California Fair Political Practice Commission to allow state legislators to giver more than $4,400 to fight the recall. This is a part of the Senator Josh Newman recall effort.

Massachusetts: Southampton Select Board member quits after recall effort

Board member Shannon Cutler quit the board after a recall effort over her attendance record (she missed half the meetings) as well as moved out of town. The petition against Cutler was signed by Board Chairman Charlie Kaniecki and Selectman James LaBrie.

Nigeria: House of Representatives member now facing recall effort

A second recall attempt is going on in Nigeria, with House of Representatives member Bamidele Baderinwa facing the challenge.

Washington: Judge oks Black Diamond Councilwoman recall

A Judge ruled that a recall could proceed against Councilwoman Pat Pepper for Open Meeting Act violations. Petitioners have started gathering signatures. They need 370 signatures in 180 days.

Oregon: Roseburg Councilor hit with petitions

Petitions have been taken out against Councilor Ashley Hicks over her numerous run-ins with the homeless communities, including encounters she posted on Facebook. She also is pushing for the removal of a metal biohazard box from Micelli Park. Petitioners need 288 signatures to get on the ballot.

Nebraska: Two Sutherland Board Trustees members facing recall threats

Chairman John Lutz and Trustee Ray Ravenscroft are both hearing recall threats over claims that Lutz financially benefited from his position and disregard laws and Ravenscroft from a claim of a hostile work environment. Petitioners almost 200 signatures to get the recall on the ballot.

Southwest flight attendants looking to oust union president

Transport Workers Union Local 556 President Audrey Stone is facing recall attempts over contract negotiations.

New Jersey: Phillipsburg Mayor facing recall effort

Mayor Stephen Ellis (D) is facing a recall effort over vague claims of incompetence and misuse of office. Ellis is claiming the recall is a stunt timed to the election of three council seats. Ellis won in 2015, beating a Republican incumbent looking for a fifth term.

One of the lead petitioners, Blaine Fehley, accused the mayor of assault for yelling at him over "crudely manipulated photos."

Petitioners need 2054 signatures in 160 days (25% of registered voters).

Ballotpedia mid-year Recall report

Ballotpedia has provided a great mid-year report -- 134 recalls initiated against 178 officials in 31 states. By their count, 31 recalls have occurred this year, 19 removed, 12 survived and another 10 resigned.

We're hoping to have a joint effort by the end of the year for the full list.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

California: Santa Clara Judge responds to recall effort

Here and here's Mother Jones with some discussion of the "unintended consequences" of recalling judges.

California: Proposed Redding City Council recall estimated to cost hundreds of thousands for city

The proposed recall of Vice Mayor Kristen Schreder and Councilwoman Francie Sullivan is estimated to cost quite a bit, with the County Clerk citing a $268,000 cost for a 2013 State Senate race as a baseline.

California: Stockton Mayor, two city council members facing recall effort

Mayor Michael Tubbs and Councilmen Dan Wright and Jesus Andrade, all in their first terms, are facing recall efforts. All three beat incumbents in the election and one of the backers of the recall has lost badly in previous attempts to run as mayor and for the city council.

The recall backers claim that they are focusing on the city council members because both finished second in district voting in the primaries in June, but won office in the citywide voting in November. The city voters switched to district based voting in November, which will start for the council in 2018. However, they state reasons such as supporting the privitization of civil services, failure to support small business and the true catch-all "no measurable impact on Council." They are currently doing polling on the Tubbs recall effort.

Petitioners would need 27,000 or so signatures to get the mayor on the ballot. It sounds like any replacement would be appointed.

Stockton has had two recalls in the past. One was against Mayor Jimmie Rishwain in 1967 The other, against Councilman Mark Stebbins is one of those really weird recalls.

Michigan: Signatures submitted against two Algonac City Council members; Yale mayor recall fails

Signatures were handed in against Algonac City Council members Irene Bird and Joe Nugent, with 430 handed in, 300 are needed. The recall is over a meeting they attended about the former elementary school building and discussions about firing the city manager before he resigned. There is also talk about a recall effort against Mayor Eileen Tesch.

Yale Mayor Richard Busch is being dropped -- it was over the suspension of the former police chief for not wearing a bullet proof vest.

New Mexico: Second effort to recall Las Vegas Mayor fails

A second attempt against Las Vegas Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron has failed to submit signatures. They needed 920, they claim they got 850.

North Dakota: Courtenay Recall will be first test of new Voter ID law

The 45 person town of Courtenay is holding a recall in October -- so far, no details about the actual vote or what's it about (can't even find a newspaper for the area). It will be the first test of the state's new Voter ID law.

Texas: Alice City Council recall tabled by city council

The city council has tabled the setting of a recall against City Council members Yolanda Sosa Moran and Elida Garza over when the recall can be set. It seems like the two councilors are the ones pushing the delay. The state is saying they need to schedule the vote on November 7 (Election Day) unless there is an "emergency" like a lack of quorum, in which the governor needs to set a special election day.

Nigeria: Timetable released for Kenyan Senator recall

The recall of Senator Dino Melaye (APC-Kogi West) has a timetable to start on July 10 and end on August 19. Melaye is still fighting the effort with a lawsuit.

Colorado: Frederick recall set for September 5

The recall against Mayor Tony Carey and Trustees Donna Hudziak, Fred Skates is over the support for a four story apartment building and a drive-in restaurant.

Two other officials, trustees Salvatore "Sam" DeSantis and Rocky Figurili, are facing a recall from the other side over their votes against the developments.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Georgia: Recall against Gwinnett County Commissioner uncertain

The Democratic Party Chair suggests that the party is leaning to not recall Commissioner Tommy Hunter, who called U.S. Representative John Lewis a 'racist pig.' The issue is that the Democrats feel it won't meet the cause requirement.

North Dakota: Kindred City Council recall set for September 19

The recall of City Council woman Julie Johnson has been set for September 19. Petitioners gathered about 124 signatures, they needed less than 40. The issue was a claim of aggressive and disrespectful dealings with staff, leading to the resignation of the city auditor and the mayor, Jeff Wanner, who is Johnson's father. Both of them returned to the job (though Morrison later left for a private sector job).