Monday, April 9, 2012

Arizona: Committee requested to examine recall laws

The state Senate president has been asked by a bi-partisan group of state senators to appoint a committee to study and propose revisions to the recall law.

Among the claims are that the laws governing recall-petition drives are less restrictive than those for initiative and referendum petitions.

For example, unlimited financing and contributions are allowed, and signature gatherers or circulators do not have to identify whether they are a paid circulator or volunteer. There is no requirement to verify the commission status of a notary public and circulators are not verified either.
Note this quote from the big proponent of the issue, a Fountain Hill resident Paul Ryan, suggesting he is not onboard with Arizona's political recall law:
"The idea of recall in its early stages was to throw the rascals out," Ryan said. "If these people aren't rascals by the definition of missing all of the meetings or committing crimes while in office, then I don't see personally that that was what the recall constitutional amendment was there for."

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