Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Jersey: Retaliation in West Wildwood recall leads to $350,000 settlement

An incredible story here. A couple (James and Lori Perloff) who led a recall effort claimed they faced retaliation due to their leading a recall effort against West Wildwood Mayor Herbert Frederick and Commissioner Gerard McNamara in 2010 (the two survived the recall vote). Apparently, they had a good claim -- they just received a $350,000 settlement from the city (needless to say, there's no admission of wrongdoing). While this payment is paid by insurance, the borough's yearly budget is about $2 million, so that's a serious settlement.

The retaliation was a 66-foot long/maybe 4 feet high wall built in the public right of way adjacent to their property, which prevented the Perloffs from using their driveways and garages. Here's a picture of the wall. Do check it out.

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