Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nevada: North Las Vegas Municipal Judge facing recall fight

North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey is facing a recall petition, apparently funded by the North Las Vegas Police Officers Association. Ramsey, in her first term, is one of two Municipal Judges in North Las Vegas. According to the article she is widely disliked by city officials who blame her for wasting money, including the mayor who has called her immoral. The petitioners are looking to raise $25,000.

Petitioners would need 1984 signatures by June 9.

Of particular note is that this would be one of the very rare recalls of judges. The article notes there have been some attempts, though I'm unclear if they actually got to a vote:
There have been three unsuccessful judicial recall efforts in Nevada since 2003 that submitted signatures, according to Nevada Secretary of State spokeswoman Catherine Lu. Supporters of two other efforts filed intent paperwork but never submitted signatures.

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