Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maine: New Vineyard voters shoot down recall law

For the second time in two years, New Vineyard voters shot down a proposed recall law at a town meeting on Saturday (voting down a whole slew of proposals). There's no vote totals, though the entire Board of Selectmen and the Town Attorney opposed the law. The law would have required 10% of registered voters signatures to get on the ballot, and had malfeasance standard (in this case, failure to carry out the duties of the office, engaging in conduct that compromises the town's reputation or being indicted or convicted of a felony or entering a guilty plea to a felony). 
Note the Town Attorney's comments (not attributed as a quote):
almost impossible to be a selectman and not have 10 percent of the town unhappy with a decision the board made. He said the ordinance would discourage people from running for office and create a divisive town culture.

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