Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colorado: Senate President now facing recall petitions for gun control

Senate President John Morse, a Democrat, is now also facing petitions for his support of gun control. Morse has claimed that he has faced recall threats before. Morse is facing term limits come 2014.
Morse is the second Senate Democrat to face a recall threat -- Representative Mike McLachlan is also staring own petitions.
Petitioners have 60 days to get what I'm estimating as 7,178 signatures (25% of turnout). This does seem to be a very tight district -- Morse won it in 2010 (obviously a big Republican year) by a little over 1% and that was with a third party candidate grabbing 4% of the vote.

If you are looking for the details of the legislative leader recalls, check here. There have been four state legislative leader recalls in US history (not counting the very different California recalls of 1995), and the leader has beaten back the recall in three of the four cases. The only one to lose was Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011.

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