Monday, March 25, 2013

Colorado: Center Mayor, two Trustees voted out; one survives

Center's Mayor and two trustees were tossed out of office last week, though third Trustee survived the recall. The issue was a vote for a water rate hike. 

Mayor Susan Banning was recalled by a 253-218 vote, and trustees John Faron and Maurice “Mo” Jones were recalled by 252-206 and 243-209 votes.

Julio Paez survived, 235-225.

Turnout was strong -- 479 of 899 registered voters cast their ballot, with 364 mail-in ballots out of 473 sent out.

It is very unclear how this recall is connected to this article. It may be that there is another recall coming down the pike. The article is interesting for the debate over how the recall was written and how it will be put on the ballot. 

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