Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kansas: Garden City Community College Board of Trustee members facing recall threats

A blow-up in a Community College has led to recall efforts against six trustees. Chair Steve Martinez, Vice Chair Terri Worf, Blake Wasinger, Merulyn Douglass and Jeff Crist. A separate recall has been started against Trustee Leonard Hitz. The petitions against the first five were rejected. The Hirtz one is still being considered.

The recall effort appears to have started with harassment, intimidation and bullying charges against the College President that has led to calls for his dismissal.

Hirtz is facing a recall effort following claims that he inappropriately touched students at a graduation ceremony. The petitions come after a video was anonymously mailed to trustees and local news outlets of the graduation showing Hitz on the line of trustees congratulating students.

The recall also appears to be about financial claims  and a "lack of respect for the college's processes."

Petitioners would need 1042 signatures to get on the ballot. One of the leaders of the petition is the CEO of American Warrior Cecil O'Brate, another is a former state Senator's wife and a third is the College's former PR and Marketing Director.

Update: The first group of petitions were rejected. We'll see whether the petitioners appeal.

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