Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Non-Recall Op-ed on Iowa and New Hampshire

I wrote this for CNBC


  1. Yes, you did. And it is one of the dumbest, elitist, disenfranchising, arrogant things I have ever read.

    These people have as much right to be "first" as any other state. If the rest of the country chooses differently, so be it, but elections are not about "the party," they are about the people's right to exercise their opinion on candidates.

    You just highlighted another reason why "we the people" should fear parties, by sharing this thought process publicly.

    All candidates need to prove their mettle and earn their spot on the ballot, not be gifted a spot on the ticket by rigging the process.

    Essentially, it says if you don't pick winners, you don't have a right to a say in the process.

    BTW, 8 years Iowa picked Obama to everyone's surprise, so your theory is effectually undermined by facts.

  2. Thanks for writing, but it does seem you are missing some of my key points. The parties are the reason that NH and Iowa have the top two slots. If any other state tries to move up, they are stripped of some or all of their delegates. The "We the People" group don't have much say in the matter.