Sunday, February 21, 2016

Idaho: One West Ada School Board Member resigns

West Ada School Board Vice Chair Julie Madsen resigned her seat after the recall of her and three other board members made the ballot. No word yet on the other three trustees. One of the recall proponents mentioned an interesting "waterfall resignation"strategy, due to the particulars of the replacement law. The trustees will now appoint a replacement. The proponents are concerned that after a replacement is named, another board member will resign, allowing for an appointed replacement, so that the existing philosophy of the board will be maintained.

Usually, this wouldn't be possible, as the board members have five days to resign from the date they get the recall notice, otherwise it goes to the ballot. But due to some particulars, Madsen had her five days run out on Friday, two other members be up on Monday and the last member has it fall out on February 26, because she was out of town. So this waterfall resignation is a theoretical possibility.

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