Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Jersey: More details on the Montague recall

The recall effort against Board of Education President Beverly Borrego has been filed, with the issue focused on a send-receive agreement with High Point Regional High School. Petitioners need more than 600 signatures (25% of registereds). Petitioners have 160 days, but if they want to get it on the November ballot (and save an estimated $15,000), they would need to do it in one month. Also, this is worth noting:
Only two school board members in New Jersey -- one of them being the former Hardyston school board president, in 2008 -- have been successfully recalled since a 1993 state constitutional amendment granted voters the power to initiate the recall process. Moreover, even if a board member is "recalled," it is theoretically possible for that person, as one of any number of nominees on the ballot, to be chosen again as her or her own successor.

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