Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Colorado: Secretary of State allows Morse recall to go forward

Big decision in Colorado, as the Secretary of State has ruled that the recall of Senate President John Morse should go forward. The Deputy Secretary of State said that the "petition format must be liberally construed in favor of allowing the recall exercise." This type of ruling is familiar -- the Arizona Supreme Court had a similar ruling against State Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011 (Pearce is the one legislative leader to have been knocked out by recall).

The Deputy Secretary of State rejected calls for recusal. Secretary of State Scott Gessler had spoken before pro-recall groups.

The Governor has to schedule a recall in 60 days from receiving the certification. That said, this is the first step, as Morse is bound to head right to court. In other states (Arizona, Michigan in 2011) Appellate Court Judges were willing to stop a recall right before the election (in both cases the Supreme Court overruled and let the recall go forward).

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