Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clean sweeps in recalls -- the rule, not the exception

Right now, the Republicans are looking good for all races in Wisconsin. What is the history of clean sweeps in recall elections? The answer is very good.

In the previous three instances of multiple recalls on the state level (North Dakota, 1921, Idaho 1971, Michigan 1983), there were clean sweeps. Idaho and Michigan are most similar to the Wisconsin race, as they were in different district on the same day (though Idaho had a lot of overlap).

But that's not the whole story. In the multiple recalls in one city/jurisdiction that have occurred this year, most have been clean sweeps. Same for last year. Here's the numbers:

2012: 15-2 (the 2 were split verdicts, where one or more officials were removed, and another survived).

2011: 27-5

Last year in the Wisconsin State Senate recalls, there was a split verdict on the Republican recall date. However, the Democrats were a clean sweep for their two seats that were up (the third seat was decided during the date of the primary).

So clean sweeps are the rule in recalls, not the exception.

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