Wednesday, February 1, 2012

California: Businessman/blogger spent $150K on three Fullerton City Council recalls

According to the report, the proposed recall of three Fullerton City Council members has been almost completely financed by Tony Bushala, a local businessman and blogger.

Bushala spent close to $150,000 on the recall (his brother chipped in another $20K). The recall opponents raised about $62,000, about half from the police unions, officers and a PAC associated with law enforcement.

The article notes that the recall highlights a long-standing split in the local Republican Party politics. A local Tea Party leader was paid $64,177 to gather the signatures. In a nice bit of recall history, the Tea Party member, Tim Whitacre unsuccessfully challenged GOP Chairman Scott Baugh last year. Scott Baugh was a former Assemblyman who was elected after the recall of former Speaker Doris Allen in 1995.

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