Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Montana: First Recall Casualties of the year -- two Beartooth Electric Trustees resign

We have our first recall result of 2012 -- two Beartooth Electric Cooperative Trustees, John Prinkki and Joe Kern, have resigned from the board of directors in the face of a recall set for January 28. Some details about this recall here. The two claimed the hiring attorneys and consultants to fight the recall would cost $15,000 and the vote would be another added expense.

They said they could not afford to hire attorneys and consultants to fight the allegations against them. They estimated that expense at $15,000.  They said they also did not want to cause members the additional expense of a recall vote. The big issue was increasing the debt limit on a generating station. Three other BEC trustees who supported the Highwood plant were ousted at BEC's annual meeting last September.

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