Sunday, January 1, 2012

California: Two Council members facing recall in Greenfield, one more recall petition out there

Lots of doings in Greenfield. The city council voted to approve a merger of the Soledad and Greenfield police departments, leading to a referendum to block the merger. It also led to an attempt to recall to council members, for allegedly paying for a $22,000 audit of the wisdom of the police merger. This recall was led by an individual who already tried to recall both of those council members in the past.
The organizers needed 978 signatures to recall the council members, got 1.050. The recall must be set  by Feb. 7 or the Elections Department will schedule the vote. Cost is a factor -- the recall will cost $20,000 if held on the June primary day, $80,000 if held as a special election. Both of the council members are facing reelection in November.

At the same time, there is an ongoing attempt to recall Mayor John Huerta Jr. Proponents have until the end of January to turn in the signatures.

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