Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wisconsin: AG opinion says LG would not be automatically included in Gov recall

The Wisconsin Attorney General has issued a formal opinion stating that a recall of the Governor would not automatically also remove the Lieutenant Governor. Here's the formal opinion. I've stated before (the same question is coming up in regards to NJ) that I think the AG's position is the correct one. An impeachment would not automatically knock out both officials, why should a recall? And, by the logic that calls for an automatic removal of both officials with one vote, a recall of a LG would also automatically take out the Governor.

This issue did not come up in California, because they have a split ticket approach to LG elections. This is only a question for same ticket states.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair issued a critical statement, though he wisely doesn't delve into the details.


  1. Perhaps you meant, "would NOT automatically take out the Governor"? Otherwise the reasoning escapes me.

  2. Thanks -- my writing was unclear there.